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Named the central theme of the Labor Forum in St. Petersburg

The personnel support needed to develop key sectors of the Russian economy, as well as the measures aimed at implementing the “Labour Productivity and Employment Support” and “Demography” national projects, will be the key topics of the 4th St. Petersburg International Labour Forum.

A press conference was held in the TASS press centre on 20 February to prepare for and host the St. Petersburg International Labour Forum.

Speakers talked about the programme and forum participants, new exhibitions and satellite events, touched on the topics of implementing national projects, improving labour productivity, professional retraining and improving qualifications, professional orientation for young people, as well as digitalisation of production activities.

In his welcoming speech, Dmitry Cherneiko, Chairman of the Committee on Labour and Employment of the Population of St. Petersburg, focused on the current topics that will be presented at this year’s Forum: “One of the main aspects of this year’s Forum is the personnel track. In an era of developing artificial intelligence and bigdata, we understand that the role and importance of human capital not only remains significant, but is growing every year. In the process of implementing multidirectional national projects, the selection of qualified personnel is of particular importance. We will talk a lot about productivity issues – the Forum will include input from the Federal and Regional Competence Centres, and we will open a process factory – a subject site where presentations and training events will be held. In connection with the fulfilment of global systemic tasks to create a single labour market for the Eurasian Economic Union, migration policy will also be widely covered at the Forum.”

Dmitry Kobitsky, Secretary General and Head of the Secretariat of the Council of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the CIS, continued on the topic of labour migration: “We are delighted to host part of the Forum’s business programme. The discussions will touch on a wide range of issues related to labour migration policy in CIS countries: entry and exit rules, taxation, social protection for labour migration, adaptation and training of migrants.”

“Despite all the processes of automation and robotisation of production, the role of human beings in the context of labour relations is extremely important, and safety and labour protection continue to play a very significant role,” commented Natalia Serebrovskaya, Director of ExpoForum International’s own events. “As part of the 4th Forum, the specialist exhibition by CUBE EXPO “Personnel. Management. Safety” presents new personal protective equipment from the best Russian and global manufacturers which have proven themselves in the market. Within the Business Contact Centre, business negotiations will take place – Pulkovo International Airport, the Baltic Shipyard, Vodokanal State Unitary Enterprise, Metrostroy and several others have already confirmed that they will take part. Participants and visitors will enjoy master classes, presentations and demonstrations of safe working methods at height at a special training ground built in the pavilion.”

Marina Lavrikova, the first Vice-Chancellor for Educational and Methodological Work at St. Petersburg State University, spoke about what modern young people currently experience and what topics will be discussed at the satellite St. Petersburg International Youth Labour Forum. “The emphasis at the Youth Forum will be of its own choice: the number 1 theme will be managing human resources and self-fulfilment in the digital age. Taking into account the desire of young people towards self-employment, we understand that the topic of taxation of the self-employed is also important,” the speaker said. “In addition, the exhibition will present an interesting project called “Clinics”. Specialists in the field of psychology and sociology will conduct training and explain how to combat professional burn-out, fully resolve conflicts that arise within relations between staff and their superiors, and much more.”

The main programme of the St. Petersburg International Labour Forum and the CUBE EXPO exhibition “Personnel. Management. Safety” will run from 27 to 28 February at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre. The St. Petersburg International Youth Labour Forum starts a day earlier – 26 February.

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