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8 March is about more than just tulips

On 7 March, the annual furry spring event, the ‘Zooshow’ pet exhibition, was opened in Expoforum.

Pavilions G and H, where the event is being held, are full, and cuteness levels are through the roof – guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, and their owners are actively involved in competitions and contests, while children cheer on their pets.

Zooshow was visited by more than 13,000 people on its very first day, which is 11% more than last year.

The programme is lively and jam-packed, in defiance of coronavirus: The ‘Rodent Oscar’ went to Yuka the guinea pig in her ‘Ledi Khryuki’ (Lady Grunts) outfit, while Rudey, the enormous friendly Central Asian Shepherd from the ‘Animals in War’ exhibition, was the overall champion of strokes and photos taken with him.

As you would expect from an Oscar winner, Yuka was in a real designer outfit: ‘The costume was made by hand from a wedding dress. I’m a fashion designer and a hairdresser myself. We took part in the ‘Neva Banks’ exhibition, held at Expoforum in Autumn, and we had a wedding dress left over’, says Arseny, the owner of the guinea pig and a nursery farm.

Everyone is waiting for the ‘Russkaya Krysavitsa’ rat fashion show – who said that rats can’t be beautiful?

Zooshow will be held at Expoforum on 7 and 8 March and includes lynxes, ferrets, workshops, prize draws and a compulsory mini disco.

Traditionally, at the forum there is a first-aid post, as well as shared areas with ultraviolet hand dryers and sensor-activated taps, to increase hygiene levels.

Forums, conventions and exhibitions are back at Expoforum!
Governor Alexander Beglov introduced changes to the resolution of the Government of St. Petersburg dated 13 March 2020 No. 121 “On measures to counteract the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in St. Petersburg”.
Events rescheduled
New dates will be announced later
Ecological, housing and industrial projects unite at Expoforum
This year, specialists in the fields of industry, ecology and housing can expect a large-scale event: the “Ecology of a Big City” forum and the International Exhibition and Convention “Housing and Communal Services of Russia” will be held jointly with the St. Petersburg Technical Fair (SPTF) and the HI-TECH innovations exhibition in the Expoforum convention and exhibition centre from 18 to 20 March.

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