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Nevskiy Larets 2020 has closed its doors!

From 7 to 9 February 2020, the Nevskiy Larets International Trade Fair of Folk Arts and Crafts was held in the Expoforum convention and exhibition centre. This was the only Northwestern project helping to preserve and revive folk arts and crafts. More than 100 producers of every kind of handicraft, from 15 regions of Russia and 3 other countries, delighted guests with their products. Over three days, the event was visited by more than 5,500 people.

The Nevskiy Larets exhibition was honoured by a visit from the consul general of the Republic of Turkey, Yunus Belet, who came to Expoforum to establish business contacts and get acquainted with Russian culture, which is undoubtedly original and unique.

The Association of Craftsmen of Ingushetia, headed by Adam Galayev, presented its team’s works on a joint stand. Carpet weavers demonstrated the whole process of creating a carpet, involving gathering and rolling the wool, colouring the felt, cutting out a tessellated pattern and stitching the lace. The ‘Residents of the Tower’ enthusiastically introduced visitors to their stand to paintings, woodcraft, flowers from foamiran, toys and ornaments, since every piece has its own story. The blacksmiths, for their part, presented a machine gun, a praetorian helmet and candlesticks, and explained the technology involved in casting. The association held workshops on making bracelets out of natural leather and on carpetmaking.

A specialist from the Republic of Buryatia shared information about the technique of fusing coloured glass at high temperatures in a kiln. A producer of jewellery from natural stones discussed the purpose of stones and their energy – every talisman has its sacral significance. At the joint stand, bracelets with bead embroidery, intertwined earrings and Buryat tea.

In the exposition section were live trees with cetraria tops, not only a unique healing plant and a living natural antibiotic, but also an original gift idea. Masters from Arkhangelsk’s RemSvarStroy, working under the slogan ‘we make your ideas a reality’, demonstrated their metal souvenirs. The professionals brought with them creations like: ‘Gromozeka’, ‘Kidney stones’ and many more.

Within the exhibition was the Centre for Business Contacts, a meeting place for ambitious and successful business actors who aren’t resting on their laurels. There were more than 20 business meetings.

The winners of the Nevskiy Larets – Look to the Future competition, were awarded prizes in a number of nominations: pieces from traditional dough, folk costumes, woodwork, textiles, pieces from bone, decor, metalwork, ceramics, pieces from leather and more. The International Association of Promotional Products selected its favourites in the competition and gave them gift certificates.

Over the three days of the exhibition, visitors had the chance to not only buy exclusive pieces, but also to create something themselves. More than 50 different workshops were held at the trade fair: from gingerbread painting in the Russian folk style to handmade wire wrap art.

The pottery workshop, led by a master from Belgorod Oblast representing Starooskolsky Pottery Craft Group PC, fascinated visitors. From time immemorial, potters, like blacksmiths, have been held in high regard and deeply respected. They create something so important for humans, using all the well-known elements: earth is mixed with water, while air and water dry and bake the vessel. Guests tried out this type of handicraft for themselves and made their own pitchers, bowls and other souvenirs.

The Nevskiy Larets International Trade Fair of Folk Arts and Crafts was held in St. Petersburg for the third time. The project’s main goal was to unite the producers, suppliers, consumers of the industry with the bodies of state power at an exhibition forum. Masters have the opportunity to show their own works to visitors and their workshop colleagues, and to put their products on the market.

The event was held with support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Government of St. Petersburg, the Government of Leningrad Oblast and the International Association of Promotional Products.

The event’s sponsor is Gazprombank JSC. The organizer is EF-International LLC.

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