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Nevskiy Larets in EXPOFORUM: Handicraft Traditions from across the Country

On February 8, EXPOFORUM turned into a true treasury. The Nevskiy Larets International Trade Fair of Folk Arts and Crafts gathered representatives from 84 companies from all across Russia. Craftsmen brought all kinds of handmade masterpieces to St. Petersburg: silver dishes decorated with fables of Russian folk tales, unique ivory items, embroideries, various souvenirs and much more.

Mstersky Yuvelir, one of the largest Russian enterprises in field of folk arts and crafts, established in 1925, visited the trade fair. It produces more than 400 various kinds of items: from icon frames to cutlery made of precious metals. Mstersky Yuvelir is a small-scale production, so you can be sure that such spoons or cups you have bought can’t be found anywhere else in the world. We aspire to work with various shapes and technologies, while keeping the traditions alive. Our goal is not sales, but promotion of folk arts and crafts. We unfailingly bring something new to every trade fair. This year, some visitor may become the owner of an unusual caviar dish, a bar spoon or the Aphrodite silver dining kit”, Anna Maleeva, the company representative said.

Works by the most outstanding craftsmen of the region are assembled at the joint booth of the Crimean Centre of Folk Arts and Crafts. Bags made of natural leather, wooden decorations and the emotional warmth of the Crimeans will reveal the talents of the Southern craftsmen to the residents of the Northern Capital.

Viktor Shkalenkov from Yekaterinburg has brought wooden 3D panels to the trade fair. They are made of precious solid wood: oak, beech, ash, etc. “Every piece is unique. In my creative work, I follow nature. Everything should be natural; so, I usually don’t even use any paint. I don’t like it to obscure the colour of the wood. However, for example, this chess set is an exception. It is inspired by the Peloponnesian War. To highlight the tragedy, I intentionally painted the Spartan and Athenian pawns black and white respectively”, the craftsman shares with particular trepidation.

The Skovorodikhin dynasty from the Nizhni Novgorod Region has been making knives for 20 years. The head of the family and his two sons have their own smithy, a foundry and a tannery. “Our product range comprises more than 1,000 goods, including a great number of exclusive, hunting and kitchen knives, as well as hand-forged and military tactical axes. We hold strong positions, as a large-scale-production, which can handle a lot of work with high quality and on time. It comes as no surprise that large government agencies are our clients. We produce components of cold steel and corporate gifts for large organisations all across Russia”, Ilya Skovorodikhin said.

And the finest lace, as light as air, can be found at the booth of the Yeletskie Kruzheva manufactory (“Lace from Yelets”). Unlike pieces by craftswomen of other regions of the country, the lace is rich with a light net, patterned details, various net densities, a selection of new patterns in the shapes of flowers and leaves. The Yelets lace is distinguished by a peculiar pattern construction: the ornamentation of the large items consists of small separate floral figures, such as rosettes, squares and elegant lattices.

The Nevskiy Larets offers an opportunity not only to buy unique pieces of folk arts and crafts, but to learn how to make them as well. In the workshop area, experienced craftsmen of the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory teach guests to paint porcelain.

The trade fair is open February 8-10 in EXPOFORUM, Zone D.

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