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Media accreditation for the spring “ZooShow” has been opened

More than 5,000 animals from dogs to butterflies, canine sports, pet products, the sea of kindness and positivity — at the “Zoo Show,” at the EXPOFORUM, on March 25–26. We are waiting for people who want to help animals, and animals who come to the rescue of a person.

The peculiarity of the spring “Zoo Show” is its social focus. The slogan of the exhibition is “Doing good and helping is easy!” The traditional festival of dog-shelters “The Way Home” will help animals in trouble to find new loving owners. The project’s volunteers will teach responsible attitude to animals and tell all about peculiarities of their keeping. Everyone will be able to help pets from shelters.

At the “Zoo Show,” they will prove that not only people can help animals, but also vice versa. At the stand of the Russian School of Training Guide Dogs, you will learn everything about four-legged assistants’ work, and be able to walk blindly through the Exhibition, using a specially trained dog, as well as listen to fascinating stories from representatives of the Club of Retired Service Dogs “Green Dog.”

Cat-cafe “Republic of Cats” will open a new academic season of the School of Caring Owners. The theme of the season is responsibility. Everyone will be offered to take a test and get the insert in the documents “My pet is alone at home!”, which will help protect the animal if something happens to its owner.

The “Zoo Show” means 2,000 dogs, 800 cats, the large reptile exhibit “Dinosaurs’ World,” the exhibition “Rodent Festival,” the exhibition of ferrets “Fluffy Pranksters,” decorative farm animals, insects, butterflies, fascinating workshops, entertainment for children and the completely pet-friendly event for you and your pet.

Learn more about details and media accreditation at the project’s official website.

Agrorus-2023 – who has the most delicious honey in Russia?
The results of the contest “People’s Honey Tasting” were summarized. The most delicious honey was chosen by guests of Agrorus-2023 agricultural fair in EXPOFORUM.
Experts appreciate rapeseed prospects in Leningrad Region
The Leningrad Region has great potential for the production, processing and development of logistics for the marketing of rapeseed and rapeseed products. This was the conclusion of the participants of a dedicated session within the framework of Agrorus-2023 exhibition in St. Petersburg.
Not money, but fulfilment: why young people choose the countryside
An apiary in a smartphone, a yoga tour in the countryside, unique eco-products and friendship with like-minded people – all these reasons can attract young Russians to the countryside. Participants of the 9th Interregional Rural Youth Forum, held during the AGRORUS exhibition, presented entrepreneurial practices that help young people live, work, rest and develop in rural areas.

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