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We are switching to domestic products! “PETINDUSTRY” will dispel doubts of pet owners

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition of goods and services for pets “PETINDUSTRY-2023”, they announced the great prospects of the domestic pet market and called for purchasing goods from Russian manufacturers.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition of goods and services for pets “PETINDUSTRY-2023,” they announced the great prospects of the domestic pet market and called for purchasing goods from Russian manufacturers.

The first speaker was Yuri Andreev, the Head of the Veterinary Department of Saint Petersburg.

“Even two years ago, the Russian zoo business was completely different. Now we see how it has grown, including the example of the exhibition “PETINDUSTRY” St. Petersburg is a city, in which great attention has always been paid to issues of human relations with animals. I am glad that such significant events are taking place in the city,” Andreev said.

Kirill Dmitriev, President of the Zooindustry National Association, appreciated qualitative development of the exhibition.

The “Zooindustria” has become bigger. The number of its participants increased. And this is very pleasing. In these difficult times the industry is alive and actively develops,” Dmitriev said.

Elena Zheltukhina, Vice President of Saint Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, spoke about the current state of the industry and urged consumers to purchase Russian goods.

“PETINDUSTRY” has developed the reputation of a key Russian industry business event. Every year new products are demonstrated at the exhibition, the organizers offer new formats. We see that the industry develops even in hard times. Prices for pet products have risen sharply. Expenses for keeping pets increased by 30%. Russian manufacturers have increased the output of goods, but not all consumers are ready to switch to domestic products and abandon what they are used to. This “PETINDUSTRY” will dispel their doubts,” Zheltukhina said.

Alongside with the “Zooindustry,” the Saint Petersburg Veterinary Surgical Congress is being held. One of its organizers, Director of Saint Petersburg Veterinary Society Lyubov Osipova, took part in the ceremony. According to her, the organizers of the “PETINDUSTRY” and the Saint Petersburg Veterinary Surgical Congress join their forces to create a large-scale, useful, effective and interesting event.

The opening ceremony ended with the speech by Sergey Voronkov, CEO of EXPOFORUM International.

“EXPOFORUM hosts more than 6 pet-related events every year. They demonstrate cats, dogs, ferrets, reptiles, rodents… All kinds of living creatures bring their owners here. Every second Russian family has its own pet. Russians have 44 million cats, 20 million dogs. They teach us kindness, loyalty and patience. Therefore, our people are the kindest, and our zoo market is one of the largest and most promising. Everything presented at this “PETINDUSTRY” is aimed at developing the market, achieving the tasks of import substitution, digitalization, and international cooperation. Our domestic products already surpass imported ones.  Not to mention veterinary medicine. Veterinary clinics are often equipped almost better than human ones. “PETINDUSTRY” is logical continuation of our zoo projects, but it is a B2B event. Here business meets business to provide with high-quality goods and services, including participants and visitors of our B2C projects: “The city of dogs,” “The world of cats,” “Zooshow,” “Hipposphere,” Voronkov said.

“PETINDUSTRY” takes place in EXPOFORUM on March 01–03. You can find out all the details of the business and exhibition program at the official website of the project.

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