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The First Elevated Tower at Expoforum!

On 28 February, as part of the fourth specialised workplace safety and staff development exhibition, KUB EXPO 2020, the Safe Ways of Working in Tight and Confined Spaces (TCS) exhibition was held at Expoforum.

On a purpose-built elevated tower in the exhibition hall, experts showed ways of minimising risk when working at height. During the demonstration of techniques for safely climbing a tower using modern construction solutions, the expert quickly installed his equipment around the tower – with literally one flick of a carabiner. After this, he made a leg point of distance and showed how to move around the tower depending on the direction of movement.

Next he showed a simulation of climbing an antenna mast and demonstrated how to evacuate an injured person. The frameworks of antenna masts differ, but almost all of them are made up of angles or pipes which are wide in diameter, so ropes and carabiners are most often used to climb them. A safety harness is used for the climb and by pulling alternately, the climber climbs higher while ensuring their own safety.

The workshop ‘Recommendations for working in tight and confined spaces’ and the exhibition ‘Performing an evacuation from tight and confined spaces’ also used the elevated tower. Visitors had a chance to try out different pieces of personal protective equipment and personal safety equipment for the respiratory organs under supervision by experienced instructors.

The fourth St. Petersburg International Labour Forum and the fourth specialised workplace safety and staff development exhibition, KUB EXPO 2020 were held in the Expoforum convention and exhibition centre from 27 to 28 February.

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