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To Help or Not to Help, That Is the Question

On October 2, the online hands-on training “How Cinematograph Forms Wrong Skills of First-Aid Treatment: Surveying Examples, Destroying Myths” took place where experts revealed myths about famous scenes from movies.

The event was moderated by Svetlana Shevchenko, Vice President of the All-Russian Intersectoral Association of Employers “Safety and Quality Association”, Rector of the TechnoProgress Institute of Further Training, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor. Doctor Nina Gurvich, orthopedic traumatologist, EFR coach and instructor, teacher at courses for first-aid treatment was invited as a guest.

About 300 participants of the webinar learnt how to act in case of emergency, what means and tools could be used to provide help. Thus, for example, the use of automated defibrillators caused an animated discussion.

‘Equipment of, let’s say, airports with defibrillators is a very popular issue (since it’s what they do in Europe),’ Nina Gurvich noted. An automated defibrillator has an advantage – anyone can use it. But in the Russian Federation it is not documented legally. The Order of the Russian Ministry of Public Health and Social Development No. 477n of May 04, 2012 (revised November 07, 2012) “On the Approval of the List а Conditions in which the First Aid Is Provided, and the List of First Aid Measures” states a list of conditions when a person can use it.

"On the one hand, a defibrillator is convenient. It will help only if the heart doesn’t beat, i.e. the apparatus at first defines whether the heart beats, and only then sends a shock. On the other hand, there might be a lack of proper training on the use of this device and specificities of its work, for example, in a pool or another wet place. That’s why I’m wary of situations when defibrillators are used by people who haven’t received training", – the expert shared.

In the process of a webinar Nina Gurvich answered multiple questions of the audience: what medical kit suffices for the office, as well as questions regarding criminal liability for a failure to assist sick person, CPR standards, efficiency of chest thrust methods, protection equipment for conducting artificial pulmonary ventilation and so on.

In the framework of the online hands-on training a prize drawing of 5 online courses “Skills of Firs-Aid Treatment” took place. Some more webinars are expected to be held till the end of the year.

Organizers are the TechnoProgress Institute of Further Training, ExpoForum International, the All-Russian Intersectoral Association of Employers “Safety and Quality Association”.

The partner of the event is Gazprombank (Joint Stock Company).


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