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‘Romeo and Juliet FOREVER’: shining and romantic!

On 29 February an evening with the ‘Taurian’ Symphony Orchestra of Leningrad Oblast was held. Performances by the talented collective have already become a pleasant and wholesome Expoforum tradition. The virtuosos delighted those who appreciate their art with their spellbinding concert ‘Romeo and Juliet FOREVER’.

Every encounter with the ‘Taurian’ orchestra offers a new theme with total immersion in the musical universe, lively interaction with the public and indescribable energy. Last Saturday, viewers became part of this incredibly sincere and touching story, the most beautiful of all time.

At the orchestra’s concerts, the music becomes literally tangible – you live every note, and you rejoice and cry along with the main characters! In the first act Oksana Chunchukova, a sand animation artist, brought to life the masterpieces of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev in her sand show, while aerial gymnasts added flamboyancy and diversity. It is as if you yourself are in Verona, a city of love and romance.

The characters of Romeo and Juliet always find a response in art. The second act of the show was accompanied by footage from two outstanding films by an American cinematographer. Guests of the evening heard musical pieces from the Oscar-winning film adaptation of Shakespeare, written by the legendary Nino Rota.

Particular excitement was caused by Leonard Bernstein’s melodies from the musical ‘West Side Story’, which is perhaps the most touching modern version of the Romeo and Juliet tale, transplanted onto the streets of New York.

Every rendition by the musicians was met with an ovation – a rich spectrum of sounds was released to the spectators through heartfelt and spellbinding performances.

We’ll see you at the next concert!

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