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St. Petersburg Prepares to Host the International Labour Forum

A press conference on the St. Petersburg International Labour Forum took place at the TASS News Agency on 21 February.

St. Petersburg and ExpoForum will host the Labour Forum for the third time. The geographical scope of the event is increasing year on year: the first forum was visited by representatives of 23 countries, and by the second, guests from 50 countries were in attendance. Over this period, it has proved itself a platform for scientific discussion and peer learning, as well as a place where decisions and outcomes which influence the labour market are reached and implemented.

Anna Mityanina, Vice Governor of St. Petersburg, said that this year, city programmes aimed at re-educating more than 1,000 women that had taken parental leave and at least 1,700 people of pre-retirement age would be arranged as part of the forum. “The implementation of two national projects, entitled Labour Efficiency and Demography, will be discussed at the forum.” These programmes are developed and implemented by employers themselves, because we are positive that they know for sure who plans to retire in the near future and how best to organize re-education for people so that they stay in work.”

Dmitry Cherneiko, Chairman of the St. Petersburg Committee for Labour and Employment, presented the key events which will be held as part of the forum. Young academics will discuss what it means to be ‘in work’ and enter into a dialogue with recognized experts at the St. Petersburg International Youth Labour Forum. Thousands of job seekers will meet with employers at the Youth Career Forum. Moreover, the second HR Hackathon will take place on the platform. The largest IT, consumer market and public sector enterprises from St. Petersburg and from across Russia will gather to solve topical issues on human capital management which affect all companies involved. In total, there will be more than 60 events to participate in.

Sergey Voronkov, CEO of ExpoForum International, gave a detailed explanation of the CUBE EXPO exhibition entitled ‘Staff. Management. Safety’ – the only specialized exhibition on occupational safety, health and staff development in the North-Western region of Russia.“The floor space of the exhibition venue has increased in area, with the number of exhibitors exceeding 50. As part of the event, two presentation platforms will be in operation; participants will be able to showcase modern personal protective equipment, expert-advisory services for occupational safety, and educational technologies.”

The speaker noted that the Business Contact Centre will be open at the forum. Heads of occupational health services and HR specialists will be in attendance, representing 40 companies including Ulmart, Vozdushnyye Vorota Severnoy Stolitsy, Gazprom Neft, Siemens, Philip Morris, Fazer, Coca-Cola, Goelectrotrans, etc.

Marina Lavrikova, the Senior Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Methodological Support at St. Petersburg State University, Sergey Tsybukov, Director of the Komsomolskaya Pravda plastic processing plant, and Alexander Kuznetsov, General Director of the Armalit plant, also spoke about the programme and the forum’s participants, the importance of involving and fostering talent, the digitalization and robotization of production operations, and the impact of these technologies on the labour market.

The St. Petersburg International Labour Forum will be held at ExpoForum from 28 February until 1 March. To visit the event, please register first on the website:

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