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Dances with Dogs — Again in EXPOFORUM

A largescale Dog City Exhibition will take place in EXPOFORUM on November 4–6. It is an exciting event and an awesome festival for all dog lovers, residents and guests of St. Petersburg. The area of the pavilion equal to two football fields will be filled with more than 2,000 best representatives of their breeds. Leading companies of the zoo industry will present pet goods and services at the Dog City Exhibition.

Some prestigious national mono-breed exhibitions will take place in the framework of the project. The jury consists of leading experts of the country. Representatives of more than 20 breeds are expected: from German Shepherd Dogs to Chinese Crested Dogs, from Vizslas to Chihuahuas. The visitors will be able to talk to breeders and to find a new pet.

Exciting exhibition shows in cynological sports (Pitch & Go, Double Fetch, Pitch & Go Roll, Quarters) and dog dances are the main gigs of the Exhibition.

The Way Home Shelter Festival will become a bright event of the Dog City, as per tradition. It is a great opportunity for homeless animals to meet a loving owner, and for residents — to obtain a loyal friend. The volunteers will not only help to pick a pet, but will also teach how to treat pets responsibly. Entertaining and creative workshops will be held, and the speakers will talk on specificities of dog training in the lecture-hall.

AUTOKIADA, an interactive children’s playground, will be arranged to make the festival truly unique, as young visitors learn how to be responsible not in relation to the pets only, but to themselves as well — by exploring the road traffic regulations and applying them in practice.

Since the start of partial mobilization, the Way Home project has been receiving applications from the mobilized citizens and those that are ready to take a pet for some time.

Dog City is a pet-friendly event, so we’ll be glad to see not only you, but your pet as well.

Learn more about accreditation, mass media, details and tickets on the official website.

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