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Issues of protecting the digital world were discussed in St. Petersburg

On April 03, the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre hosted the Conference «Digital Security», which takes place as part of the Exhibition «EXPOTECHNOSTAZH. The Day of Advanced Technologies». The Exhibition brought together Russian manufacturers, representatives of government and law enforcement agencies to jointly discuss topical issues of business and state security.

As part of the Conference «Shield and Sword of the Digital World», its Plenary Session organized with the support of the Committee on Informatization and Communications of St. Petersburg and the Expert Club «IT Dialogue» was held.

The discussion was participated by Aleksander Shoitov, Deputy Minister of Digital Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Stanislav Kazarin, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, Ragim Akhadov, Adviser to the Governor of the Leningrad Region on digitalization, Ruslan Kirichek, Rector of Prof. M.A. Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State Technical University, as well as well-known cybersecurity experts and founders of information security companies.

The speakers discussed how to resist romanticization of hacking among young people, and what ways exist to attract promising programmers to the camp of «white» hackers.

Stanislav Kazarin, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, noted that this is a very important issue in terms of both the state and the further development of society. According to him, active advertising and promotion of alternative ways of such self-realization among young people are necessary: these can be public and private programs on searching for vulnerabilities for remuneration, events in the format of cybersport competitions and championships. It is necessary to work with schoolchildren, including younger ones, for educating them against illegal ways of obtaining data.

He recalled that St. Petersburg information security systems in 2023 repelled over 172,000 cyber attacks, and reliably protected all state resources.

«Securing our information systems is very important for smooth operation of critical infrastructure and urban services. Importance of security systems has increased even more since the CBO to start, when the city faced the unprecedented number of cyber attacks. Last year, Aleksander Beglov, the Governor of St. Petersburg, approved the Concept of Information Security, in which special attention is paid not only to protection of information, but also to the block of cyber hygiene and cognitive security aimed at combating manipulative technologies and fakes», noted the Vice-Governor.

He recommended using Russian antiviruses and platforms, for reducing security risks, including those from deepfakes, when videos and voices of real people are faked due to applying artificial intelligence.

For the purpose of protecting Petersburgers from the negative external impact on social information resources, public services and operation of critical infrastructure of all urban enterprises, cybersecurity will be constantly strengthened.

St. Petersburg increases the level of cyber literacy of government officials, conducts regular exercises for improving knowledge in information security: this is one of the most effective measures. In the Northern Capital, the work with educational institutions has also been organized, including professional retraining courses in Information Security for Civil Servants, ratings on meeting information security requirements in government bodies, which allows employees to be informed on a regular basis about intruders’ new tactics and strategies.

The information is provided by the press service of the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg.

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