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St. Petersburg kicks off the 7th Russian International Energy Forum and the 26th Power and Electrical Engineering Exhibition

On 25 June, the Russian International Energy Forum saw the grand opening of the 26th Power and Electrical Engineering Exhibition highlighting power plant and electrical engineering equipment and solutions. More than 200 companies from 21 regions of the country, as well as from the USA, Germany, Turkey, Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic, China, the Netherlands, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan and Belarus are taking part in the exhibition.

The exhibition is one of the leading events in Russia, and is the recognized leader among exhibition projects in the field of electric power industry and related industries in the North-West Federal District. The exhibition dates back 26 years. Today the project has become a platform for dialogue between all representatives of the energy sector. For 7 years in a row, RIEF has been hosting the exhibition as its key part.

The Chairman of the Energy and Engineering Committee of St. Petersburg, Andrei Bondarchuk greeted the Forum delegates saying: "On behalf of the current Governor Alexander Beglov and the Government of St. Petersburg, I am happy to welcome you to the 26th exhibition that has become a genuine benchmark of stability and an integral part of the Forum project. It is a special pleasure that it is taking place in the largest metropolis of the country. Energy is certainly the connerstone of livelihood of any city and the driver of economic development, both in the country and in the subject of the Russian Federation."

Sergey Voronkov, CEO of ExpoForum International, pointed out that the venue’s status and the demand for it is getting higher every year as the need is annually growing to showcase new products and focus on complex technological issues. “A new philosophy of energy security has been adopted, a program of reform of the electric power industry is being discussed and put forward to be adopted, which means that over the next 10 years more than 60% of major assets of electric power generation is to be replaced. We are facing full-blown challenges of not only energy production, but also of its sparing and effective consumption. That's why the key subject of the plenary session will be digitalization of the electric power industry. There is a program of more than 30 convention events, which covers almost all topics related to energy: generation, grid transmission, HR, security, energy saving. That will allow specialists from different areas to find a great deal of new information, share experience and strike new effective contacts," – said Sergey Voronkov.

Igor Kirsanov, CEO of RESTEC, emphasized that a large number of stands and an extensive convention program will certainly provide for the success of this Forum. The speaker also wished the participants fruitful work, saying he hoped the specialists would not only find the new products for the industry, but would also be able to introduce them into production.

This year, more than 200 companies from 21 regions of Russia, as well as the USA, Germany, Turkey, Finland, the Czech Republic, China, the Netherlands, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus will take part in the exhibition.

The participants will include Electronmash JSC, the company that implements complex engineering projects - project work, engineering and manufacture of switchboard equipment, electric-installation and commissioning works. One of the products of Electronmash is ELTIMA switchgears. They are designed to receive and distribute 3-phase AC electric power rated for 50 Hz and a voltage of 6 (10) kV. Switchgears are used at power plants, transformer substations and at distribution plants in the oil and gas industry, metallurgical industry, energy, engineering, chemical, petrochemical industries. The company has its own production capacities and is an official partner of the world's leading manufacturers of electrical equipment and components, such as ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Elsteel, GBE SpA, Hyundai Heavy Industries, etc.

Prosoft Systems Engineering company will feature advanced solutions for the power grid digitalization. Among the equipment presented are ARIS 2305/2308 multifunctional terminal of relay protection and automation 6-35 kV; ARIS 2203 switchgear controller 6-35 kV with functions of automated control systems and automated systems of electric power technical record-keeping, determination of phase-to-phase/phase-to-ground faults; MKPA-RZ complex of automatic emergency response and relay protection system and more. On top of that, the company offers the Redkit software package for creating data management systems for automation of power and industrial facilities. Within the framework of the Forum, Prosoft Systems will also show an interactive presentation of package solutions for digital electric power distribution system and SMART GRID system.

The Forum will run till 28 June.

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