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«EXPOTEHNOSTRAZH 2024» opened in St. Petersburg

Today, on April 04, EXPOFORUM hosted the official opening ceremony of the Exhibition of advanced technologies for ensuring security of individuals, society and the state «EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH. The Day of Advanced Technologies».

The Northwestern District commander of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia Lieutenant General Sergey Burakov read out the welcome speech of Viktor Zolotov, Director of the Federal Service of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation, Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation, to the Exhibition participants and guests.

«This Forum, held for the first time 2 years ago in the Northern Capital, gradually strengthens its position, expanding the geography of participants, the amount of exhibition space and the range of exhibition products. At the present stage, in terms of intensification of scientific and technological research in our country, the multiple increase in the capacity of enterprises of the defense industry, largely due to the dynamic development of the military organization of the state, given the experience of the Special Military Operation, constant efficient interaction between manufacturers and consumers of weapons, military and special equipment is of particular importance», is said in Victor Zolotov’s address.

Sergey Burakov expressed gratitude to the heads of enterprises, who responded to the request for participating in the Exhibition. «We surpassed last year’s result in terms of the number of participants. I wish fruitful collaboration to representatives of the military-industrial complex, heads of enterprises and directly to customers – the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation», he said.

Oleg Logunov, Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Northwestern Federal District, conveyed the address to the Exhibition participants from Aleksander Gutsan, Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Northwestern Federal District.

«This Exhibition displays the largest range of new projects and issues, the detailed study of which is required for creating modern means and protection systems. Exchanging experience in using modern technologies will contribute to properly adjusting the direction of scientific and technological progress in general, and not only progress in the military field. The annual successful holding of the Exhibition constantly increases interest in it and largely demonstrates the demand for products from Russian manufacturers and specialists. Although, of course, we do not refuse foreign samples and will never do so if they benefit us», follows from the address of Aleksander Gutsan.

«Good things should start in the spring, when there is a wonderful time of the year ahead – summer, achievements and successes. And this exhibition also will become more interesting from year to year. This is already happening thanks to our joint efforts», added Oleg Logunov.

Kirill Polyakov, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, read out the address of Aleksander Beglov, the city’s Governor, «Our city’s powerful scientific and technical potential allows making significant contribution to developing the domestic military-industrial complex, to creating advanced means of communication, sophisticated telecommunications devices, the latest weapons».

«On my own behalf, I would like to thank the Exhibition organizers for high-quality preparation of the venue. Here, manufacturers from different regions, including St. Petersburg, are represented. I am very happy for those St. Petersburg companies that are deservedly represented today and are doing the huge amount of work to improve our country’s defense capability, because what is done in St. Petersburg has been done wisely», stressed Kirill Polyakov.


Sergey Voronkov, CEO of EXPOFORUM International, noted that holding the 3rd Exhibition «EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH» proves relevance of the Russian Guard’s decision to hold it 3 years ago.

«Only the convention and exhibition venues allow getting acquainted for several days not only with the latest technologies and equipment in the field of security, and establishing effective contacts between suppliers and customers, but also discussing key issues of intersectoral collaboration. Security issues require a comprehensive solution, interaction between armed security units, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, smart city video surveillance systems, transport security, evacuation and cybersecurity», he accentuated. According to Sergey Voronkov, over 150 companies and
2 thousand showpieces are represented at the Exhibition, and more than 50 events are scheduled in the business program.

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