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Attention: a question!

On 10th of April, within an international forum “Elder generation” framework, a qualifying tour of city intellectual tournament “What? Where? When?” took place among citizens of the elder generation. The contestants looked for answers how Coal (a character) swept with Wind and where is a door to the space located.

In the tournament, six teams from different districts of Leningradskiy province took part: “The Sestroretsk experts”, “The Kupchniki”, “The Beavers”, “The Sail”, “The Dream”, and “The Stargazed”. Each team has its own emblem, motto and history. For example, “The Beavers” team players know each other for a long time as since the teenage years they have been professionally playing tennis together. “The Stargazed” have prepared not only an original greeting but also a wholesome poem-chant. Meanwhile “The Kupchniki” is the most experienced team. “Team mix is always different but we are playing for the 10th or 11th time”, - stating team members.

On the eve of the international day of cosmonautics, the main topic of the qualifying tour became the space. That is why the majority of the questions were anyway related to the game’s theme. The tournament consisted of two rounds with seven questions in each. Apart from usual simple questions, a double question on “vegetable garden and space" topic was asked. One of those was- after what herb a far galaxy was called? Actually, an answer was simple: based on one of the versions, far galaxy Kin-Dza-Dza was called after cilantro.

There were, of course, questions about famous spacemen and star names. For example, after which astronaut- hockey fan an asteroid 1772 was called? By what means did Nabokov describe a myope? What was a dog Coal companion's name, with whom he travelled to space in 1966?

 "We expected more questions, particularly about space. Yet, there were interesting questions, too. For example, I remember the question about the motor skills of paper cranes- what specialists have to do to fly to space. And we got it wrong”, - tells “The Stargazed” team player Lyudmila.

As the result of the qualified tour that took place on 13th of April, scoring 10 points teams “The Kupchniki” and “The Sail” made it to the final.

‘Romeo and Juliet FOREVER’: shining and romantic!
On 29 February an evening with the ‘Taurian’ Symphony Orchestra of Leningrad Oblast was held. Performances by the talented collective have already become a pleasant and wholesome Expoforum tradition. The virtuosos delighted those who appreciate their art with their spellbinding concert ‘Romeo and Juliet FOREVER’.
The First Elevated Tower at Expoforum!
On 28 February, as part of the fourth specialised workplace safety and staff development exhibition, KUB EXPO 2020, the Safe Ways of Working in Tight and Confined Spaces (TCS) exhibition was held at Expoforum.
The Sky for the Children!
On 22 February, the Model Airplane Games were held in pavilion F of the Expoforum convention and exhibition centre.

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