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The Peterfood exhibition is 30 years old!

On November 16, to the rhythm of drums, the grand opening of the 30th anniversary International Food Exhibition Peterfood 2021 took place in Pavilion H. 127 grocery retail chains, 174 purchasing agents, 28 regional collective stands, and this is not all that the exhibition has prepared for its visitors this year.

“Our main mission is establishing relations between producers and retail networks, because these mean laid tables and full plates of our dear Petersburgers,” Viktor Andreev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Empire Forum, began his welcoming speech with these words. This time, the 30th anniversary exhibition presents 5 projects at once: the International Forum of Suppliers and Purchasing Agents “Everything for Retail Chains”, VI Exhibition of Equipment and Services “Peterfoodech”, the business event for alcohol suppliers ALCOHall, competitions “Our brand” and “Innovative Product”, the open business program within the framework of the exhibition “Peterfood 2021”. In general, about 300 exhibitors from Saint Petersburg, Moscow, the Novgorod Region and the Smolensk Region, and more than 20 regions of Russia are represented at the exhibition. Moreover, visitors have a chance to taste natural Indian teas and Algerian fruits.

Sergey Voronkov, CEO of ExpoForum International, expressed gratitude to the organizers for their long-term cooperation, and congratulated the project on its anniversary, as well: “30 years is the age of whole generation. I remember how in the 90s we looked at empty shelves at stores and were surprised at the Chinese instant noodles that had just appeared. 30 years later, supermarkets offer products for every taste: dietary, farmer’s, gluten-free, niche varieties of alcohol have appeared. There is no need for you even to go to the store: a couple of taps on your phone screen, and the courier will bring your order in half an hour. This is largely due to efficient live communication, forums and congresses. Only by talking to each other, you can forecast markets, demand, supply chain, and influence development.”

Elena Podgornaya, Head of the Consumer Market Development Directorate of the Committee for Industrial Policy, appreciate the great value of conducting such projects aimed at creating comfortable urban environment: “The consumer market of Saint Petersburg is the second largest in Russia; 9 thousand catering enterprises and more than 50 thousand retail outlets successfully operate here. Therefore, communication between buyers, manufacturers and suppliers in this format is simply necessary.”

Olga Volkova, Head of the Public Authorities Interaction Department at X5 Retail Group, agreed with the previous speaker’s words. She noted that even only in 2020, X5 Retail Group had 200 new suppliers in the Northwestern Federal District. “Holding the exhibition Peterfood and all its projects is the deep market expertise,” Olga summed up.

Also, Mikhail Potapenko, Deputy General Director of Bidzaar, and Ruslan Solovyov, Commercial Director of the Gradusy retail chain attended the opening of the event. They wished the guests and participants fruitful negotiations and new contacts!

The exhibition will work until November 18. You can get the ticket to the event for free. See details at the website:

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