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For the country’s secure future: EXPOFORUM opens the Exhibition «EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH»

On April 03–05, the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre will host the Exhibition of advanced technologies for ensuring security of the individual, society and the state «EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH. The Day of Advanced Technologies».

«EXPOTEHNOSTRAZH» is a professional vision of personal safety and the country’s security. The project organizers are the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, with the support of the Government of St. Petersburg and the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Northern Capital.

In 2024, the Exhibition will be participated by over 120 companies from
15 regions
of Russia. Among them, there are world-famous brands: «Rosatom», «Rostec», «Kalashnikov», «Megafon».

The exposition consists of 3 major sections: technical equipment of the troops, law enforcement units and special services; technical devices and security services; hardware and software complex «Safe Petersburg».

The focus is on the latest models of military equipment, uniforms and weapons. The Exhibition confirms its status of the unique site and one of the largest exhibitions of innovations and modern products of the military-industrial complex in the Northwestern Federal District, makes serious contribution to development of military-technical collaboration.

The rich scientific and business program includes more than 50 events in two sections: «Security of the individual, society and the state» and «Safe City».

The Business Negotiation Centre is scheduled to operate, intended for direct meetings of leading manufacturers with key customers of their products, technologies and services related to security.

The important component of the project «EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH» is its social area. The third day of the Exhibition will be dedicated to patriotic education of young people, and training new personnel for the military-industrial complex. The All-Russian Youth Research and Practice Conference «Young Scientists In Security», in course of which experts will get acquainted with the younger generation’s developments aimed at finding new solutions in security, will be held for the first time.

The traditional part of the exhibition is the large-scale cultural, patriotic and demonstration program. This includes competitions on controlling unmanned vehicles in the enclosed space, tournaments in tactical shooting all-around, airsoft and laser tag.

Master classes in hand-to-hand combating, dog handlers’ demonstration performances promise to be spectacular. The interactive shooting range and military bands of the Russian Guard will not let you get bored.

No one will remain indifferent watching the cultural and educational performance «Za Pravda! To Victory!», which reveals historical parallels between the events in the territory of Ukraine in the period from 1920 to 1956 and the current situation.

On the open display venue, in front of Pavilion G, guests will find the exhibition of wheeled and motorized equipment of the DOSAAF of Russia, as well as performances by the Military Automobile Inspectorate of the Russian Guard and specialists of the Moiseev-Grakhov Driving School. Professionals will demonstrate the most difficult controls of the car: pair driving, blocking attacks when escorting, getting out of a skid and much more.

The field kitchen will work from 14.00 to 16.00.

On the event days, free shuttle buses run from the Moskovskaya Metro Station to EXPOFORUM. For visiting the Exhibition, one must register on the official website of the project, and get acquainted with the safety rules at the venue.

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