ExpoForum International provides a range of marketing services to help maximise your impact at exhibitions. We offer services for the production and placement of banner advertising, promotional materials and advertising hoardings during your event at the Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Let us help you to get the most out of your exhibition!

Advertising opportunities at Expoforum convention and exhibition centre

PR and promotion

  • Development and implementation of comprehensive promotional campaigns
  • Involvement of your company's representatives in official project events
  • Placement of your advertisements on exhibition websites and the company’s portals

Placement of advertisements and advertising hoardings outside pavilions

  • Rental of space for banners
  • Rental of advertising stands
  • Rental of advertising hoardings
  • Rental of flagpoles
  • Rental of space for advertising hoardings

Placement of advertisements and advertising hoardings inside pavilions

  • Rental of space for banners on walls and other enclosing structures
  • Rental of space for advertising hoardings
  • Placement of banners over stands
  • Placement of overhead suspended advertising structures

Multimedia capabilities

  • Broadcasting of video adverts
  • Broadcasting of audio adverts

Display services

  • Design and layout, printing of advertising materials
  • Construction of banners
  • Construction of advertising hoardings
  • Production of labels and stickers
  • Production of souvenirs
  • Application of promotional materials to surfaces and objects

Additional services

  • Creation of advertising spots
  • Video recording
  • Photography
  • Direct marketing (mass mailings)
  • Provision of promotional staff
  • Marketing research

Our strengths

  • A team of professionals with over 20 years’ experience in exhibition management, design and advertising
  • Our own advertising space
  • Corporate style design and branding services
  • Guarantees regarding quality and timely delivery
  • High-quality printing services
  • Ability to implement projects of any complexity
  • Extensive range of additional services, tailored to your marketing goals
  • The largest exhibition venue in the city.