CARAMEL-CATERING today is equipped with high-tech facilities, which guarantee excellent services not only to the participants and guests of various expo events in Saint-Petersburg, but it also deals with big mass events.

We provide wide range of services: from coffee-breaks to gala receptions and ceremonial banquets. The capacity of Caramel-Catering ranges from 3000 persons at the banquet tables up to 6000 “buffet-table” guests. Our chef supervises the whole process of cooking. Due to high-tech equipment, all hot dishes of Caramel-catering are made in the “real time” mode. Excellent timing of simultaneous serving of hot dishes at the mass events always provides high quality of taste and proper temperature of food. Thus our guests can enjoy natural flavor of meat, fish and poultry.

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up to 3000 persons 


up to 6000 persons 

Coffee breaks

up to 3000 persons 

Catering services

Viktoria Ivanova
CEO of CARAMEL Catering