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Fire Fighting and Air Delivery: the EXPOFORUM Will Tell How Drones Help Society

Applying unmanned technologies to solving environmental problems of the metropolis will be demonstrated at the 23rd International Forum “Ecology of the Big City”, which will be held on March 27–29 at the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Center.

During thematic case-session, experts will talk about successful practices in applying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

For example, in St. Petersburg, they plan to launch unmanned air delivery of cargo weighing up to 30 kg. This will reduce the load on urban road networks, increase the connectivity of remote areas of the city and environmental friendliness of urban transport systems.

Another area of applying UAVs is firefighting in high-rise buildings. So, drones of the Infintech Corporation are equipped with shells with extinguishing powder. And now developing drones that will be able to lift fire hoses and break windows on their own for saving people is in progress.

Unmanned vehicles can be not only aerial, but also aquatic. NPP PT Okeanos JSC presents marine robotics for environmental monitoring. The pilot models analyze water for the presence of toxic substances, evaluate its quality near treatment facilities. The development will be displayed at the exhibition exposition of the Forum.

Drones are also used for performing cadastral works. The Geoscan Group of Companies did 3D scanning of the area of over 25 thousand sq. km using UAVs. Over 6 million photos have been received.

Geoscan drones can also measure the magnetic field at a mineral deposit, which accelerates the subsurface exploration tenfold. This is especially important, since deposits currently are explored in locations to be difficult for humans to reach.

For the Committee for Nature Use, Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety of St. Petersburg, the company conducted aerial photography and thermal imaging for the presence of unauthorized waste, including those on the shores of reservoirs. The technology also allows monitoring the filling capacity of waste landfills, assessing the risk of fires and concentration of pollutants.

Finally, drones are actively used by the State Unitary Enterprise Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg for performing diagnostics of the heating mains condition.

These and other cases will be discussed at the session “The Current Situation on Application of Unmanned Technologies for Solving Environmental Problems” on March 27 in Pavilion E. Beginning at 14:00.

“Experts from 145 cities of Russia and 10 other countries will take part in the Big City Ecology Forum. Over 4 thousand visitors are expected: representatives of authorities, science, business, environmental organizations, specialized associations, environmental protection structures,” says Sergey Voronkov, CEO of the EXPOFORUM International.

On the days of the Forum, free shuttle buses will run from Moskovskaya Metro Station to the EXPOFORUM. Media registration is carried out on the official website of the project.

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