Mission and strategy

EXPOFORUM provides world-class event organisation services for exhibitions and conferences, venues which meet the latest requirements, and access to markets with strong potential. We also give our visitors the opportunity to gain an insight into St Petersburg’s dynamically developing culture. The unique package we offer enables our partners, clients and guests to acquire new experience and share it with others, thereby encouraging innovative development.



  • Construction and launch of the new EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre 
  • An understanding of the challenges facing business sectors gained from analysing past events
  • A wide network of partners 
  • Industry-specific databases of companies from completed projects
  • Subsidiary structures: transport and logistics, tourism, stand design and construction, catering, etc.
  • Cooperation with international exhibition operators
  • Ability to attract large-scale events and foreign companies to St. Petersburg




establishing a pool of potential projects 
identification of strategic partners for EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Complex 
creating the conditions to improve the quality of services provided at the site
ready for market consolidation


launch of the new international convention and exhibition centre
creation of an international standard convention and exhibition service structure
establishing new conditions for developing business in the MICE industry
 a new market for convention and exhibition services


enabling the effective development of the St. Petersburg convention and exhibition market under the new conditions 
development and integration of the project at an international level

Download ExpoForum International strategy (858 Kb)
Download ExpoForum International strategy (858 Kb)