Mission and strategy

"We are pleased to create the conditions for development of our customers’ personality and business, enhancing zest for life and offering worldclass products and services"

EXPOFORUM provides world-class event organisation services for exhibitions and conferences, venues which meet the latest requirements, and access to markets with strong potential. We also give our visitors the opportunity to gain an insight into St Petersburg’s dynamically developing culture. The unique package we offer enables our partners, clients and guests to acquire new experience and share it with others, thereby encouraging innovative development.


Become an innovative global MICE company, providing on a turnkey basis with attention to detail

  • Unique events
  • Positive impressions
  • Effective contacts



Constant attention to the development of the best modern technologies and world practices
A creative approach to work, the desire to surpass the best companies success, to be at the peak of global and national competitiveness
Constantly searching, developing and implementing innovations


Customers -the highest value of the company
The goals and needs of customers are the subject of our constant attention, study and care
Strengthen trust, establish regular communication and be in constant dialogue with the customer as the key partner- Strategic and tactical objective of ExpoForum International


High level of employee professionalism
Continuous self-development
The desire to develop the best world standards and achieve results that meet the highest international standards
Relying on comprehensive experience, knowledge and a pragmatic approach to ensure business benefits


Unity of goals and working for a single result
Partnership, not interaction; understanding of a person’s place in the team and personal responsibility for contribution to the common cause
Mutual respect, mutual assistance and mutual help: there’s no such thing as someone else's tasks and duties, there is only our common cause


Devotion to the profession and the company
Readiness to do more than expected for its success



  • establishing a pool of potential projects 
  • identification of strategic partners for EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Complex 
  • creating the conditions to improve the quality of services provided at the site
  • ready for market consolidation


  • launch of the new international convention and exhibition centre
  • creation of an international standard convention and exhibition service structure
  • establishing new conditions for developing business in the MICE industry
  • a new market for convention and exhibition services


  • enabling the effective development of the St. Petersburg convention and exhibition market under the new conditions 
  • development and integration of the project at an international level


  • In 2019 the new strategy 2023 was adopted. The strategy is called New horizons of events, and it includes the Manifesto of the Expoforum group of companies, the results of 5-year working experience, and strategic guidelines to perform until 2023.
Download ExpoForum International strategy (6 MB)
Download ExpoForum International strategy (6 MB)