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“We Have Everything to Completely Replace Foreign Brands”: What Was Shown at the Exhibition Zooindustria

Chrome-plated boxes for air transportation of animals, complying with the standards of Russian airlines, exclusive roulette leashes from Germany, the only veterinary insulin in Russia: on February 28, the 5th International Exhibition of Goods and Services for Pets Zooindustria-2024 opened at the EXPOFORUM.


In terms of the number of participants and their geography, the anniversary exhibition is the largest for 5 years. 150 companies, 4 countries, on the stands, there are goods and services for all types of pets, veterinary drugs, equipment and much more. Both well-known brands, such as 4 lapy, Biosphera, Moszoovetsnab, and new names on the market are represented.

Among many offers for cats and dogs, of which in Russia, there are already 20 and 64 million, respectively, products for rare and exclusive pets can be distinguished. For example, Mealberry offers feeds for ornamental animals, chipmunks, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, mice, hamsters, as well as parrots, canaries and other domesticated birds.

“Our novelty is grain-free sticks for rodents. Their formulation includes 60 types of herbs. The production is completely Russian, everything is made in St. Petersburg. Our country has all necessary ingredients and technologies to replace foreign brands in the market,” said a representative of Mealberry.

Krasnodarzoovetsnab (KZVS) brought to the exhibition the line of goods and feeds for farm animals, chickens, horses, pigs, sheep.

Chinese manufacturers have focused on equipment. 7 companies from China participate in the Zooindustria. Among them, Dexiya, a manufacturing plant of feed production lines.

A great gift for Russian manufacturers is the exhibition stand of SAUDI PET & VET EXPO. Exporting and entering new foreign markets is now topical than ever. The exhibition in Saudi Arabia, which will take place on October 28–30, is an excellent opportunity to cut a window in the Middle East.

However, not all previous international relations have been destroyed. The German company Flexi, a manufacturer of roulette leashes, participates in the Zooindustria.

“Of course, due to the current geopolitical situation, there are problems related to logistics and supplies, but the main thing is the desire to work, the rest will follow. We don’t play political games. Dogs have no nationalities,” said the Flexi representative.

This company was the first in the world to start making roulette leashes 50 years ago. Now its products are supplied to 90 countries all over the world.

At the Exhibition, a large area is reserved for the manufacturers of veterinary drugs and equipment, which are also participants of the Northwestern Veterinary Congress. There are even domestic X-ray and ultrasound machines for veterinary clinics, endoscopic and laboratory equipment.

Domestic companies make products for hygiene, feeding and transportation of animals, as well. For example, a lego-style bowl, which is assembled according to the principle of the well-known construction toy, is designed by the Alta company. The range also includes automatic feeders and drinkers, high-legged and sided litters. The real exclusive is an air-transportation box made specifically for the standards of Russian airlines.

“The chrome-plated door guarantees 100 % reliability. Your pet will be safe. This is a proprietary development of our design bureau in Bashkortostan. The design, materials, everything from top to bottom is domestic. We are fully ready to replace foreign manufacturers in the pet supplies market,” stated the representatives of the Alta company.

The same opinion is shared by Symbio, a distributor of hygiene products, feeds, grooming products and veterinary drugs, including Vinsuvet, the only in Russia insulin for animals. In 2023, the Russian pet market grew by 31 %. It amounted to 433 billion rubles. At Symbio, they explain this by the Russians’ great love for smaller friends.

“Our approach to animals has changed. Now they are not cats living in a private house and catching mice, not dogs guarding the territory, but family members. Every year more and more people perceive pets as their children. The number of animals has been growing rapidly since the time of the pandemic, when people needed partners and friends,” explained the representative of Symbio.

Выставка «Зооиндустрия» проходит в Экспофоруме с 28 февраля по 1 марта. За 3 дня её посетят более 6 тысяч человек.

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