Russia–Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum 2023

Event information:

Date: 26 jul 2023 - 29 jul 2023


Venue: Expoforum

Organizer: The Roscongress Foundation

Event type: Summit


The Russia–Africa Summit is the highest-profile and largest-scale event in Russian–African relations, aimed at bringing about a fundamentally new level of mutually beneficial partnership to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The goal of the event is to promote efforts to strengthen comprehensive and equal cooperation between Russia and African nations across all areas of society including politics, security, economic relations, science and technology, and the cultural and humanitarian spheres.

The Economic and Humanitarian Forum, which is being held as part of the Second Russia–Africa Summit, is a unique event in Russian-African relations.

The upcoming Forum is set to diversify the scope and nature of Russian-African cooperation, in turn setting the course of its long-term development.

Public discussions taking place as part of the event’s business programme will deal with the most pressing issues on the Russian-African agenda. Taking into account the full extent of cooperation between Russia and the African nations, which extends beyond economic activity, a decision was taken to expand the 2023 edition of the Forum with a significant humanitarian element.

The event will include a large-scale exhibition and a platform for holding business meetings.

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