Kino Expo 2019

Event information:

Date: 17 sep 2019 - 20 sep 2019


Venue: congress halls

Organizer: IMD EXPO

Event type: Forum


Kino Expo, established in 1999, is the international cinema industry convention and world’s third largest international exhibition of cinema theatre equipment with the focus on markets of Russia and neighboring CIS (former USSR) countries – Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Central Asian countries.

Kino Expo is your gateway to world’s fastest growing cinema and entertainment industry markets of Russia and neighboring countries. 

Kino Expo Convention is the central event for local cinema professionals and the meeting place of Russian and international cinema business communities.

At Kino Expo the local offices of major studios, Russian and international independent distribution and production companies present their upcoming films and product reels directly to the local exhibitors.

Kino Expo Trade Fair is the world’s third largest motion picture equipment exhibition, also incorporating various entertainment systems and technologies for the shopping malls with large entertainment segment.

Kino Expo effectively brings together film exhibition, distribution and production communities, contributing to further development of local and international cinema industry.

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