Film show "The Man with the Movie Camera"

Event information:

Date: 23 sep 2018 - 23 sep 2018


Venue: конгресс-центр

Organizer: ExpoForum International

Event type: Сoncert


Film show "A Man with a Cinema Camera" for the live accompaniment of the Tavrichesky Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad Region

September 23, Expoforum


One of the best films of all time! Full meter! Live sound! A display of the restored version of the documentary film Dziga Vertov "The Man with the Cinema Camera" (1929) on the largest 2D screen in St. Petersburg. The Tavrichesky Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad Region will perform the original soundtrack written by the young St. Petersburg composer Murat Kabardov. Author's characteristic of the film: This film is an experience of film-transmission of visible phenomena. Without the help of inscriptions, without the help of a script, without the help of the theater. This experimental work is aimed at creating a truly international absolute cinema language based on its complete separation

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