The St. Petersburg International Scientific and Educational Salon 2024

Event information:

Date: 26 nov 2024 - 28 nov 2024


Venue: congress center, pavilion E

Organizer: Committee on Science and Higher Education. ExpoForum International Operator

Event type: Salon


The exhibition space of the Salon will introduce educational,

research and innovation activities of educational organizations; will become a platform for the presentation of advanced technologies, new educational services, infrastructure and intellectual solutions.

The organizer of the event is the Committee on Science and Higher Education. The salon is held with the support of the Scarlet Sails project.

The Salon is a platform for developing dialogue between educational and expert communities, government institutions and business in order to harmonize the structure and quality of training of specialists in higher education and secondary vocational education programs, and ensuring that citizens receive continuing education.

The event will take place as part of the Week of Science and Professional Education in St. Petersburg.

More than 60 educational organizations of higher education, professional educational organizations, organizations of additional professional education, as well as scientific and innovation-active organizations take part in the exhibition exposition of the Salon.

In 2024, the St. Petersburg International Scientific and Educational Salon will be held jointly with the St. Petersburg Congress “Vocational Education, Science and Innovation in the 21st Century” and will demonstrate the potential of St. Petersburg as a major educational, scientific and cultural center.

The salon can be considered as an open day at the same time for schoolchildren, applicants, young professionals, educational and scientific organizations, and enterprises.

Additional information on participation in the Salon events can be obtained by calling: +7 (812) 240 40 40 (ext. 2208) or on the Internet information and telecommunications network.

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