St. Petersburg International Gas Forum. SPIGF 2024

Event information:

Date: 08 oct 2024 - 11 oct 2024


Venue: Expoforum

Organizer: Expoforum International

Event type: Forum


St. Petersburg International Gas Forum is one of the major events in the gas sector.

Every year, the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum brings together major global experts, top managers of oil and gas companies, representatives of federal and regional authorities, dedicated associations, and centres for research and development. At the venue of the Forum, most progressive and important trends of the industry are covered, which creates perfect conditions for demonstrating the country’s potential and also significantly contributes to finding of the best scenarios for Russia’s further development.

SPIGF 2024 is going to demonstrate the complete variety of the opportunities possessed by the gas industry. Leading companies from all across Russia present their most advanced projects and thus contribute to implementation of future-oriented initiatives in the gas sector.

The extensive convention program will comprise dozens conferences, meetings and round-table discussions. SPIGF participants will be offered presentations, case tournaments and field tours.

A large-scale exhibition of technologies, equipment and associated services will be arranged

in the Expoforum’s premises, namely: InGAS Stream 2024 – Innovations in the Gas Industry International Specialised Exhibition, Import Substitution in the Gas Industry Corporate Exposition and ROS-GAS-EXPO International Specialised Exhibition of natural gas industry and technology for gas facility.

At the venue, signing ceremony points will be available, where the participants will be able to commit to paper their successful collaborations with their business partners and have this ceremony be extensively covered by the mass media. The business lounge of the Forum will offer the delegates some extra opportunities for important meetings and face-to-face informal communication. The Business Matchmaking Centre, another traditional event arranged during the Forum, will bring together the major participants of the oil and gas industry, ready to meet prospective suppliers and contractors.

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