REKON 2021

Event information:

Date: 23 oct 2021 - 24 oct 2021


Venue: pavilion G

Organizer: NASLEDIE

Event type: Festival


Military-historical reenactment convention with an interactive exhibition from Antiquity to the present days.

A large-scale event that combines the diversity of the reenactment world with spectacular historical fencing and medieval battles. The event traditionally attracts many reenactors and athletes from all over Russia and foreign countries, becoming a prestigious venue for military-historical movement tournaments. For 2 days, you can see spectacular medieval duels and battles of knights in plate armor, mass gatherings of infantry, military maneuvers of the Romans and battle rituals of the Indians. Reenactors will present clothes and equipment of the warriors of Antiquity, Vikings, Slavs, soldiers of the Russian army, Indian tribes and samurai.

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Festival of science, fiction and self-expression Starcon 2021

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