Event information:

Date: 02 oct 2018 - 05 oct 2018


Venue: pavilion G

Organizer: FAREXPO

Event type: Exhibition


The 22th International specialized exhibition of natural gas industry and technology for gas facility.

The exhibition takes place within the frames of the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum.

ROS-GAS-EXPO is the biggest event of the sector in Russia, devoted to demonstration of achievements in the sphere of construction, maintenance and reconstruction of gas pipeline system and gas consumption.

The exhibition gives a unique chance to assess the level of gasification in Russia, to get acquainted with achievements of Russian and foreigh enterprises, modern systems of gas transportation, gas distribution systems, gas processing equipment, to establish contacts between developers, producers and consumers.

Exhibition profile:

Gasification of residential buildings, industrial, municipal and agricultural buildings, industrial zones and industrial parks.

  • magistral gas-supply;
  • autonomus and reserve gas-supply;
  • purification of associated petroleum gas for gas utilities;
  • operation of gas distribution systems;
  • gas assessment;
  • diagnostics;
  • industrial security and ecology of gas complex.

ROS-GAS-EXPO exhibition is UFI approved event.

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