Senior Generation. 2019

Event information:

Date: 17 apr 2019 - 20 apr 2019


Venue: pavilion H

Organizer: ExpoForum International

Event type:


International forum is aimed to draw public attention to the problems of elder people, to provide full information about the demographic aging in our society, individual and social needs of elder population, to sum up Russian and international experience in this sphere, to make for the promotion of our manufactures, producing goods and services for these social groups, and to contribute to the development of corresponding markets.

"Care, Aid and Mercy" – exhibition:

  • Governmental structures of social support for the elder population;
  • Financial, social and insurance support for the elder population;
  • Healthcare;
  • Equipment and rehabilitation means for the elder and handicapped;
  • Employment;
  • Professional trainings for the social and medical personnel working with the elder and handicapped4
  • Charity funds, public and confessional organizations;
  • Thematic Mass Media;
  • Thematic literature.

"Everithing for Health" – trade fair:

  • Medical equipment;
  • Rehabilitation equipment;
  • Non-traditional medicine;
  • Medications;
  • Dietetic food;
  • Biologically active food supplements (BAFS);
  • Cosmetic;
  • Medical clinics;
  • Health centers;
  • SPA equipment;
  • Sport activities;
  • Sanitation & Hygiene Supplies;
  • Thematic literature;
  • Thematic Mass Media.
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