Build up your country house. 2018

Event information:

Date: 26 oct 2018 - 28 oct 2018


Venue: pavilion G

Organizer: Real Estate Fair

Event type: Exhibition


“Build up your country house” – it’s a special fart of “Real Estate Fair” exhibition. It shows all the steps of country house construction from very beginning: choice of the building and finishing materials up to interior design and landscape.

Participants demonstrate know how normal way of building. Most of them offer planty of gifts and discounts.


  • houses projective and constructing;
  • Hh;
  • heating, sewerage, water- and gas supplies Foundations, geodetic Building and finishing materials Landscape, country furniture, Housetop, roofing Sauna, summer house, green arbor, open air kitchen, brazier Fireplaces, stoves Mass media;
  • within three days the company provides free seminars and consultations for visitors.
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