Zooshow. Winter 2020

Event information:

Date: 11 dec 2020 - 13 dec 2020


Venue: pavilions F, G

Organizer: ExpoForum International

Event type: Exhibition

Website: http://zooshow.expoforum.ru/

Specialized exhibition of canine feline clubs and animals. Competitions, exhibitions, contests, special programs. Zooshow is always a great city holiday for all pet lovers.

The Zooshow will present thousands of pets: dogs and cats of different breeds, birds, reptiles, ferrets, rodents, insects and other pets. At the exhibition, you can choose or order the desired animal directly from the breeders, buy food and accessories for your pets, as well discover new trends of the zoo industry.

Zooshow is:

  • animal exhibitions: dogs, cats, ferrets, rodents, birds, lizards, snakes, rare insects, butterflies;
  • fair of goods for pets;
  • exhibition of decorative animals «Country yard»;
  • shelters and clubs;
  • fashion show for pets;
  • show program.
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