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Agrorus-2023 – who has the most delicious honey in Russia?

The results of the contest “People’s Honey Tasting” were summarized. The most delicious honey was chosen by guests of Agrorus-2023 agricultural fair in EXPOFORUM.

Beekeepers from all honey-bearing regions of Russia brought to Agrorus fair more than 105 tons of natural honey of 25 types: linden, acacia, chestnut, buckwheat, mixed herbs, mountain, taiga, clover, mustard, cotton.

From August 27 to September 3, the most delicious honey in four nominations was chosen by the people’s improvised jury. A total of 30 applications from Russian beekeepers were submitted for the contest.

In the “Linden honey” category, the first place was shared by beekeepers Davleshina Elena Alexeevna and Kuzminov Vadim Viktorovich.

In a hard fight, the silver was shared by Kryukov Alexey Yurievich and Chaly Alexander Vladimirovich.

The bronze medal was shared by Zyukov Petr Nikolaevich and Fisun Evgeny Vladimirovich.

The first place in the category “Acacia honey” was shared by Kryukov Sergey Vladimirovich and Pozdnyakov Maxim Sergeevich.

Silver was taken by the apiary of Chegaev Evgeny Alexandrovich.

Bronze – by Turoverov Nikolay Ivanovich.

The largest number of nominees was in the Floral Honey category. The honey of Mozgunov Igor Alexeevich and Mityashov Alexander Yurievich was recognized by the jury as the best.

The second place went to Poyarkova Olga Mikhailovna and Lammer Eduard Petrovich.

Third place – to Sargaev Sergey Alexeevich and Kuznetsov Alexander Ivanovich.

The gold in the nomination “Buckwheat honey” was taken by Lunyashin Dmitry Sergeevich.

Silver – by Pogorelov Valentin Vladimirovich.

Bronze – by Plutin Alexey Vladimirovich.

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