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Days of Industry and Innovation: Back to EXPOFORUM

Three critical scientific and industrial projects have been launched today, on November 10, in the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre: the 25th Russian Industrialist International Forum, the 14th St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum, and the 24th Corrosion Protection International Exhibition and Congress.

Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov took part in the grand opening ceremony to welcome guests and participants of forums. In his greetings he emphasized a special significance St. Petersburg days of industry and innovation have for development of the country’s economy in general. According to Alexander Beglov, despite the impact of pandemic, manufacturing facilities continue operating efficiently and developing in St. Petersburg, and it was managed to maintain workplaces: “We support the organizations aimed at development, modernization, increase of resource and energy efficiency.”

Anatoly Turchak, President of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg, emphasized in his greetings, “Today the industry of St. Petersburg is 40% of the city’s tax proceeds and 20% of St. Petersburg’s GRP.” He reminded that Mikhail Mishustin, a Head of the Government of the Russian Federation, had signed a decree to determine strategic transformation areas for the industry of the country. The document provides for active introduction of key innovations, such as artificial intelligence, robotic technologies, Internet of Things, new manufacturing and communication technologies, into manufacturing practices.

In the framework of the opening, Do Xuan Hoang, a member of the Central Committee of Vietnamese Fatherland Front and a Chairman of the Vietnamese People’s Association in Russia, addressed the participants, “The Forum helps to create the environment where participants will be able to develop and introduce innovations efficiently. We are proud that this year Vietnam has been chosen a Partner Country of the Forum.”

In conclusion, CEO of EXPOFORUM International Sergey Voronkov has given a speech. He has noted that with the efforts of the Government of St. Petersburg, the Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovations and Trade and the Committee for Tourism consolidated and united, in this challenging period of COVID-19 pandemic our city still had managed to become not only a recognized industrial capital, but a convention and exhibition one: “In 2021, we have left Moscow behind by the number of congress events for the first time, while St. Petersburg and EXPOFORUM have become centers of business rehabilitation.”

For three days an intensive business program of over 60 events will be offered to specialists. The focus of discussion is on one of the most important topics announced at the plenary session “New Industrial Policy. Readiness for Change”, as well as on the role of a technology breakthrough in the context of restrictions, human capital, development of digital technologies after introduction of digital tools, green economy, entrepreneurship support, and other topics.

Enterprises have presented their developments in a shared exhibition space of the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre. They include a demonstrational pilot-centered stand for pilots and a full-scale mockup of the MI-8 helicopter digital cockpit. The St. Petersburg Polytechnic University has showed CyberBoat, an unmanned surface platform, and an automated workplace for its operator, and a mobile printer to print small architectural forms. The “LETI” St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University Technopark has presented the OncoRobot, solar panels, and a prototype of a motor boat for autonomous channel exploration.

These and other innovative projects are waiting to be seen by guests of EXPOFORUM for 2 more days!

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