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“Achieving the Scale of SPIEF, but in Industry,” — “Russian Industrialist” Open

A lot was said about a strategic significance of the industry for the country’s development and the measures required to achieve the technological sovereignty on November 30, at the opening ceremony of the International Forum and Exhibition “Russian Industrialist” in EXPOFORUM.

Kirill Polyakov, Vice Governor of St. Petersburg, read a welcoming message from Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin.

“As per tradition, the “Russian Industrialist” serves as a venue for representatives of large technological companies, science, business, and government agencies to discuss key branch-wise issues, to exchange experience and interesting ideas. Nowadays, when Russia faces such unprecedented challenges, these meetings take on particular significance. Achievement of technological sovereignty and stable growth of the Russian industry are key tasks for the country. Together we have to ensure development and introduction of critical and promising nationally designed technologies. That is why the main topic of the Forum and Exhibition is import substitution and modernization of the real sector, reinforcement of the workforce capacity,” Mishustin wrote.

Also, Polyakov noted the strategic significance of the Forum and Exhibition.

“I am confident that “Russian Industrialist” will become a venue for new breakthrough solutions in the framework of the objectives set by the President of Russia,” Vice Governor said.

Alexander Shokhin, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, announced ambitious prospects of “Russian Industrialist”.

“For RUIE members “Russian Industrialist” is an important, significant event. It’s where we not only hold panel discussions, but also work in a new format. The Forum and Exhibition will provide a venue for open sessions of the Union’s committees and commissions. It will allow drawing greater attention of the public. To bring out vision of how the support of industrialists and entrepreneurs will be arranged under the challenging modern conditions to the public. I hope, “Russian Industrialist” will become an international event that would be able to compete with the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum as well,” Shokhin said.

Vasily Osmakov, First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, noted a critical role of the industry for the country’s development.

“Nowadays we speak about technological sovereignty. And the technological sovereignty is industry. That is why as much attention should be paid to the issues related to development of the country’s industrial potential as possible,” Osmakov said.

Denis Kravchenko, First Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, noted a new status of the Forum and Exhibition.

“Starting this year, “Russian Industrialist” will become an advanced venue to ensure rapid development, cooperation, a place for business and new contracts, a dialogue between industrialists and the government. The technological breakthrough must be accelerated, and we are ready to respond to the requests of business and industry as fast as possible,” Kravchenko said.

Andrey Rudskoy, Rector of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, emphasized a special importance of education for development of the industry.

“Industrial independence is a necessary long-term program that will ensure survival and prominence of the country. That is why the role of higher education establishments is increasing manifold nowadays. On their behalf, I state that we will do our best to introduce and develop the cutting-edge solutions to ensure security and economic development of our state,” Rudskoy said.

The topic of science, education, qualified personnel and their significance has been further elaborated by the greeting of Yury Borisov, Director General of Roscosmos.

“We face an objective to ensure accelerated development of science, technologies and education; to shape a suitable workforce capacity, to ensure development of the territories and a digital transformation. Roscosmos intends to launch mass production of satellites in the coming years, to increase the orbit groups manifold, and to start giving back what we own to the economy. We will create high-quality consumer-centered space services,” Borisov wrote.

The opening ceremony ended with a speech by Sergey Voronkov, CEO of ExpoForum International.

“To ensure the technological sovereignty of Russia more than 200,000 items of critical import need to be substituted. It means more than a million contracts and over 5 million meetings. To solve this task a ‘factory’ of communication organization is required. “Russian Industrialist” serves as this very venue where the contacts grow into contracts, communication — into a good impression and social optimism. The Forum and Exhibition features the entire lifecycle of the industry. And next year, “Russian Industrialist” will be even larger to reach the scale of SPIEF, just in relation to industry,” Voronkov said.

The International Forum and Exhibition “Russian Industrialist” took place on November 29 — December 1. Learn more on the official website of the project.

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