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Hussar stories told in a new way

The annual participant of the International Equestrian Exhibition Hipposphere – the Bagmut Center of Cossack trick riding in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region – presented Hussar Stories, a new program of equestrian theatrical performance with elements of trick riding.

Hussar honor, military valor, the charm of fair ladies, operetta and humor! Horse tricks and stunts on horseback included! Is it a real story or just fables told by a retired officer?

“Our Hussar story is based on the real biography of Nadezhda Durova, one of the first female officers in the Russian army, a hero of the War of 1812. The show involves about 20 people, including 7 children from 5 to 12 years old,” said Igor Shumaev, the show’s director.

The main participants of the show are Russian and Orlov trotters, Kabardian and Hanoverian horses.

The show “Hussar Stories” takes place in the large arena of the Hipposphere Exhibition every day. Detailed program of the Hipposphere 2023 exhibition.

Agrorus-2023 – who has the most delicious honey in Russia?
The results of the contest “People’s Honey Tasting” were summarized. The most delicious honey was chosen by guests of Agrorus-2023 agricultural fair in EXPOFORUM.
Experts appreciate rapeseed prospects in Leningrad Region
The Leningrad Region has great potential for the production, processing and development of logistics for the marketing of rapeseed and rapeseed products. This was the conclusion of the participants of a dedicated session within the framework of Agrorus-2023 exhibition in St. Petersburg.
Not money, but fulfilment: why young people choose the countryside
An apiary in a smartphone, a yoga tour in the countryside, unique eco-products and friendship with like-minded people – all these reasons can attract young Russians to the countryside. Participants of the 9th Interregional Rural Youth Forum, held during the AGRORUS exhibition, presented entrepreneurial practices that help young people live, work, rest and develop in rural areas.

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