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Fashion Industry Opened at Fashionable Expoforum

On October 9 the International Fashion Industry Trade Fair opened its doors at Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre.

All speakers at the opening ceremony emphasized the significance of the Fashion Industry.

The exhibition was opened by Mr. Lev Kuznetsov, Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Support, who explained that the project performed an important mission, St. Petersburg brands promoting.

Ms. Svetlana Belyaeva, President of the Russian Union of Clothing Manufacturers, expanded on the idea of clothing industry promotion, wishing exhibition participants to find new partners and the buyers who "would be proud that their products were made in Russia"

Mr. Oleg Shost, Director General of the FarExpo Exhibition Association, also thanked all participants of the exhibition who supported the Russian clothing industry. "The event’s outstanding feature is that there are not only St. Petersburg brands participating in this trade fair, but also more than 6 regional expositions and 2 joint participants from abroad. We have been engaged in the Fashion Industry for 27 years, and year after year I go on saying that the exhibition was held not "thanks to" but "in spite of". And against all odds, it keeps growing", he added.

Ms. Tatiana Nesterova, Director of the Fashion Industry International Trade Fair, Academician of the National Academy of Fashion Industry, noted that the Fashion Industry forum was in demand and more than 500 specialists were registered for the programs of the event.

Mr. Sergey Voronkov, General Director of ExpoForum International, welcomed the participants "to the most fashionable venue in Russia – Expoforum."

As part of the official opening ceremony of the exhibition and the Fashion Industry Economic Forum, the winner of Generation NEXT, the 20th International Competition of young designers, received her award. The grand prize was granted to designer Maria Perkhun.

Gala show of TRUVOR brand of the Slavyanka clothing factory culminated the official opening ceremony of the Fashion Industry Trade Fair and the Economic Forum.

From October 9 to 12, the trade fair hosts the Fashion Industry Economic Forum, which discusses the most pressing challenges of the industry in the form of a dialogue of fashion business professionals.

Entrance to the trade fair is free.

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