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"Hipposphere" and "SmartTRANSPORT" – exhibition audit has passed

Two flagship exhibition project of "Expoforum-International" - "Hipposphere 2019" and "SmartTRANSPORT 2019" received a certificate of exhibition audit from the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs and auditing company "RussCom IT Systems" on 29th of July.

According to the exhibition audit of 2019, "SmartTRANSPORT" project welcomed 7 participating countries. The total net exhibition area was 2785 sq. m., gross – 5581 sq. m., the total number of visits – 3 751. "Hipposphere" project welcomed 3 participating countries in 2019. The total net area – 5211, gross – 13267, the total number of visits – 14 590.

The data of the exhibition audit provide to exhibitors and visitors the most reliable information about the main consumer characteristics of an exhibition (the number of participating countries, the total area of the exhibition (gross and net), the total number of foreign specialists, etc.), and to the organizers of exhibitions - to demonstrate openness and care about the interests of customers, to attract additional national and foreign participants.

The certificate of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs is granted only to international exhibitions that meet certain requirements: the exhibition must have at least 10% of foreign exhibitors and an area of not less than 1000 sq. m. (net), the number of visitors should not be less than 5000 people. In addition, the quality of the exhibition should be checked by the RUEF inspector who is a representative of another exhibition company. Thus, the exhibition which has the certificate of the Union passes double quality control.

In 2019, projects "Hipposphere" and "SmartTRANSPORT" managed to improve the main exhibition indicators: the total number of visitors, the number of participating countries, the number of national and foreign exhibitors.

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