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The unknown equestrian sports. Amazing disciplines disclosed at Hipposphere

They evaluate the image of a horseman, ability to drive cattle and navigate the woods.

The Olympic Games program includes two equestrian disciplines: show jumping and equitation. But visitors of the XXIV Equestrian Exhibition Hipposphere learned that there are many more competitions featuring horses. Some of them are breathtaking.

So, on the final day of the exhibition, June 12, the seminar “History of fashion in working equitation: traditions of different countries” was held. Working Equitation is an equestrian discipline created to preserve and popularize national equestrian traditions. Its most important part is national costumes of riders and harness of horses. Everything must be in the spirit of national traditions. Authenticity and brightness of costumes are evaluated at one of the stages of the competition, which is called “Style”.

Representatives of the Russian Working Equitation Association spoke about the traditions of the style in European countries. Men’s garments are traditionally more restrained, in classic colors; women’s, on the contrary, are distinguished by brightness. Spain is characterized by striped pants; in France, an important detail of costumes is Provencal patterns with flowers and diamonds. Italian fashion traditions depend on the region. The south and the north differ dramatically. The key feature is the hats. In the north they are flat-brimmed, as in all of Europe; in the south they are ribbed, like those of American cowboys.

But as it turns out, the hat is not a necessary costume detail at all. In Spain and Portugal, caps are now allowed. And in Germany, cattle are traditionally driven in helmets.

Cattle driving is another phase of working equitation, along with equitation and speed.

For those who are tired of the atmosphere of riding arenas and racetracks, there is equestrian tourism. Irina Ionochkina, a representative of the St. Petersburg Sports Tourism Association, made a speech “Opportunities for riders in sports tourism” and told that equestrian disciplines are among the youngest and most popular in the sport. Especially among women; there are less men in the equestrian tourism so far, as they prefer its traditional types.

In equestrian sport tourism, there are two types of courses: long and short. In the first case, the rider will have to cover up to 25 or more kilometers through forests and fields. The route is complicated by elements of navigating with obligatory tasks at checkpoints.

The short course competition involves passing various trials, both overcoming obstacles and controlling the horse.

The St. Petersburg Sports Tourism Association organizes up to 5 equestrian tournaments a year, and its representatives participate in interregional, all-Russian and international competitions.

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