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Short Ferret, African Hedgehog, and a Maine Coon — meet the Zoo Show Participants!

Introducing the participants of the Russia’s largest pet exhibition.

Over 3,000 various animals. 2,000 dogs, 800 cats, reptiles, rodents and ferrets take part in the exhibition of the 30th — jubilee — Zoo Show in EXPOFORUM.

Ferret Filya is unique, as he 1.5 times shorter than his conspecifics. He was born like this. He prefers meat delicacies exclusively, so he has clean and white teeth (meat fibers clean them without coloring). Kseniya, Filya’s owner, is a resident of St. Petersburg and takes part in the exhibition for the fourth time. Filya is his owner’s favorite; she will never sell him, but she eagerly shows him off and lets people pet him.

African dwarf fancy hedgehog from the St. Petersburg Golden Hedgehog nursery hardly fits in a palm and doesn’t stab at all. He eats insects, eggs, meat and specially prepared fodder. These creatures live in cages, but sometimes they like walking across the home. They are playful — they like balls and toys with tiny bells, and labyrinths of waterpipes. They are thermophilic and friendly pets. Tamara Dupre, a breeder and a member of the Breeder and Fancier Union, participates in the Exhibition for the 10th times, and doesn’t plan to stop, as the interest in this breed is huge at the Exhibition.

Alaskan Malamute named Bagration has arrived to the Exhibition from the Alaska Angels kennel in the Leningrad Region. Representatives of the kennel take part in the Exhibition for the 4th time in a row. Dogs of this breed can easily adapt to live in the most different conditions — both in a flat and outdoor; the most important thing for them is the owner’s attention, without it they get bored and start misbehaving. This breed doesn’t have any aggression toward people. It’s a riding dog for sledge, skis, bicycle; they like all kinds of walk. Bagration likes eating a lot; he will first eat up everything he is given to realize what it was much later. The dog is young —3 years old; it has come to the Exhibition to meet future owners.

A long-legged cat Vishenka (‘Cherry’) from the St. Petersburg Priyutino Fund for Assistance to Homeless Animals is notable for her tender nature; she adores affection and will be pleased with human attention. She will easily get along with other cats in a flat, though she will state her dominance. Her beautiful black fur does not require special care, the cat herself is quite independent and neat. She isn’t picky in terms of food and knows where the litter is. Priyutino employees treat their charges reverently and try to find good families for them, so they regularly take part in the Zoo Show. This year is the seventh time, and during the first day at the venue as many as 6 furry pets have left to their new homes.

Maine Coon kittens from the Moscow cattery take part in the Zoo Show for the fourth time. The breed is unique because of its size — it is one of the largest pet breeds. The diet is 90% meat and 10% fodder. They can be trained easily.

Learn more on the official website of the project.

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