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Leningrad Region maintains leadership in dairy technologies

Six agreements on modernization of existing dairy production facilities for the amount of 1 billion rubles were signed at the 32nd international Agrorus agro-industrial exhibition. Reconstruction of farms will allow the region to increase milk production by 5.5 thousand tons per year.

“The implementation of the agreements signed today will allow the region to further increase milk production, output of finished dairy products. In the Leningrad region, the dairy farming is at good technical level, but we don’t stop at that and work to maintain the status of a leader in technology through continuous improvement,” commented Oleg Malashchenko, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Leningrad region – Chairman of the Committee for Agro-Industrial and Fishery Complex.

Agreements on cooperation in the implementation of investment projects with the Leningrad Region Agro-Industrial Complex Committee were signed by:

  • CJSC Osminskoye – for modernization of a dairy farm for 1,000 cows at a cost of RUB 200 million; 
  • JSC Stud Farm Krasnogvardeysky – for modernization of a 100-head dairy farm yards at a cost of RUB 150 million;
  • JSC Gatchinskoye – for modernization of equipment of a cattle-breeding complex at a cost of RUB 130 million; 
  • Agricultural Production Cooperative Polyany – for modernization of a dairy farm at a cost of RUB 120 million; 
  • Agricultural Production Cooperative Ryabovsky – for modernization of a dairy farm at a cost of RUB 78 million.

According to the website of the Government of the Leningrad Region.

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Experts appreciate rapeseed prospects in Leningrad Region
The Leningrad Region has great potential for the production, processing and development of logistics for the marketing of rapeseed and rapeseed products. This was the conclusion of the participants of a dedicated session within the framework of Agrorus-2023 exhibition in St. Petersburg.
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