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Petersburg opens tourist season

Sergey Voronkov, President of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, Director General of ExpoForum International: “In the current difficult economic reality, it's vital to see positive trends.”

“For instance, today we can safely say that we have an opportunity to explore the touristic potential of our country. And it is a great potential, from travel destinations to variety.

In St. Petersburg, the variety is the most spectacular. 

On April 30, the city launched the summer tourist season, which means that our hospitable city is awaiting for visitors for the season of “white” nights: connoisseurs of walking the famous places of St. Petersburg and those who like to bask on the landscaped beaches of the Gulf of Finland. Yes, it is true that in the recent years, the weather has not been kind to us. 

But the season of major business events is also starting. Very soon the city will host SPIEF – a large international forum. Thus, another traveling area is business tourism. It is quite promising. St. Petersburg has all that is necessary to hold events at any level: a variety of sites, accessibility to transport, first-class accommodation and all kinds of gastronomic delights. We also have our great architecture and traditional St. Petersburg hospitality!

That is to say, we're going to be alright!”

New horizons for the young generation
On May 17–19, the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre hosted one of the five tracks of the New Horizons Federal Education Marathon dedicated to economics. The project is supported by the Russian Ministry of Education. The discussions are focused on new opportunities that are opening up in Russia in different spheres, because the time of change and challenges is always the time of new opportunities.
“Dance, Russia!” in the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre
On May 15, the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre will host a qualifying round of the competition in the framework of the All-Russian “Dance, Russia!” contest-festival supported by the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives.
«And the sky for children» will be presented at the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre
Aircraft Modeling Festival “And the sky for children” in the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre is held since 2017, uniting kids who are in love with the sky and aircraft modeling. It is reopening today, on the 7th of May.

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