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Young scientists may receive up to 4 million rubles for research

Secretary of the Regional Expert Jury of the UMNIK Program Contests of the Foundation for Assistance to Innovations in St. Petersburg, Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer of SPbPU, candidate of Economic Sciences Ismail Kadiev spoke at the plenary session of the Forum of the Council of Young Scientists in EXPOFORUM and talked about the government’s support for research.

According to Kadiev, 23 thousand young specialists and 9 thousand startups have received support during the existence of the Foundation for Assistance to Innovations. In each region of Russia the Foundation has its own representative, in St. Petersburg it is Kirill Soloveichik, Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovations and Trade.

The Foundation has three programs for young professionals: UMNIK (assistance up to 500 thousand rubles), Student Startup (assistance up to one million rubles) and Start-1 (assistance up to 4 million rubles).

The selection of applications for participation in the UMNIK program opens in Russian universities annually from September 1. In 2024, more than 2,000 young specialists in various fields of activity, including agriculture, will receive support.

The regional forum of the Council of Young Scientists “The potential of young scientists as a driver of agro-industrial complex development” is held within the framework of the 32nd International Agro-Industrial Exhibition Agrorus-2023 from August 30 to September 1. It is organized by St. Petersburg State Agrarian University and ANO SoBytie with the support of the Committee on Youth Policy and Cooperation with Public Organizations.

Agrorus-2023 – who has the most delicious honey in Russia?
The results of the contest “People’s Honey Tasting” were summarized. The most delicious honey was chosen by guests of Agrorus-2023 agricultural fair in EXPOFORUM.
Experts appreciate rapeseed prospects in Leningrad Region
The Leningrad Region has great potential for the production, processing and development of logistics for the marketing of rapeseed and rapeseed products. This was the conclusion of the participants of a dedicated session within the framework of Agrorus-2023 exhibition in St. Petersburg.
Not money, but fulfilment: why young people choose the countryside
An apiary in a smartphone, a yoga tour in the countryside, unique eco-products and friendship with like-minded people – all these reasons can attract young Russians to the countryside. Participants of the 9th Interregional Rural Youth Forum, held during the AGRORUS exhibition, presented entrepreneurial practices that help young people live, work, rest and develop in rural areas.

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