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New horizons for the young generation

On May 17–19, the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre hosted one of the five tracks of the New Horizons Federal Education Marathon dedicated to economics. The project is supported by the Russian Ministry of Education. The discussions are focused on new opportunities that are opening up in Russia in different spheres, because the time of change and challenges is always the time of new opportunities.

Lectures and workshops in different areas were delivered by 39 outstanding speakers from Russia and abroad. The marathon participants learned the secrets first-hand from the leaders of science, culture, art, sports and business. Lectures were also delivered by political figures – Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin, and Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov.

As part of the offline marathon, the event was attended by 1,500 schoolchildren and students who demonstrated their skills and competencies. During the three days, broadcasts from the sites of the New Horizons Federal Educational Marathon had more than 120 million views.

A total of five simultaneous online broadcasts will be held at different venues in Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Sochi. Each of them will be dedicated to one of the five thematic tracks: “Russia's Role in the World” (Moscow, VDNH), “We are Together” (Moscow, studio of the Russian Znanie Society), “New Horizons. Economics” (St. Petersburg, the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre), “New Horizons. Science” (Sochi, studio of the Russian Znanie Society), “New Horizons. Information Technology (Moscow region, venue of the Russian Internet Forum).

In addition to speeches, the marathon’s program includes more than 50 video tours to unique places of the country held by governors and business leaders, scientists and cultural figures. Viewers will get acquainted with the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia facilities in Korolyov and the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics, the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet and Special Economic Zone Technopolis Moscow, the Novgorod Kremlin and the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War, the Mordovsky Reserve and a camp of deer farmers of Naryan-Mar.

The marathon’s grand event within the “Russia's Role in the World” track will be the finals of the first All-Russian Educational Games for high schoolers. Winners of the regional stage of the competition will come to Moscow – 88 teams each consisting of 6 finalists from the regions of the country, the “Bolshaya Peremena” community, the Russian Schoolers Movement and “Yunarmia”. Within three days, children will compete in a multisport contest in intellectual and athletic disciplines. They will also take part in the marathon’s lectures and meet with speakers from the Znanie Society.

Five parallel online broadcasts will be available at the official website of the event.

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