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EXPOFORUM hosts scientific and technical session on gas turbine problems

On September 13 and 14, the session “Scientific and technical problems of further development, full localization of production and maintenance of stationary gas turbine units in the Russian Federation” takes place at the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Employees of research institutes and specialized universities, representatives of design organizations and large industrial enterprises specializing in the development, production and operation of gas turbine equipment will discuss:

  • Scientific bases and ways of creation of powerful domestic GTUs and combined cycle plants on their basis for technical re-equipment of domestic power plants on natural gas;
  • Design and production of domestic gas turbine units GTE-65, GTE-110M and GTE-170;
  • Establishment in the Russian Federation of production of high-tech replacement parts of the hot path and maintenance of imported GTUs in the process of their operation;
  • Scientific problems and achievements in the development and research of turbomachines, combustion chambers and complete GTUs and CCGTs and their auxiliary equipment for electric and gas pumping stations; experience and prospects;
  • Results of studies of aerodynamics of turbomachines, dynamics and strength of their parts operating at high temperatures, heat transfer during cooling of turbine parts and combustion chambers, low-emission fuel combustion;
  • Achievements of domestic enterprises in the field of creation of GTU auxiliary equipment, automatic control systems and remote monitoring.

St. Petersburg International Gas Forum will be held in EXPOFORUM from October 31 to
November 3.

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