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Choose what to plant and improve in Leningrad Region

Improvement and landscaping of territories was discussed on September 1 in EXPOFORUM at the round table “Sanitary, ecological and social factors of development of urban agglomerations and rural areas”.

The event is organized within the framework of “Agrorus-2023” exhibition by the commission on agro-industrial complex, rural areas and nature management of the Public Chamber of the Leningrad Region.

Opening the event, its moderator, chairman of the commission on agro-industrial complex, rural areas and nature management of the Public Chamber of the Leningrad region Veronika Tarbaeva emphasized the importance of pressing issues of landscaping and gardening development, and expressed confidence that the event will become annual within the framework of “Agrorus-2023” exhibition and will develop into a format of a conference.


Rashid Artikov, co-moderator of the round table, member of the presidium of the Scientific and Expert Council for monitoring the implementation of legislation in the field of energy, energy supply and energy efficiency under the Committee on Economic Policy of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Deputy Head of the MCCI Guild of Moscow Energy Sector Enterprises, urged the experts to focus on the need to implement comprehensive measures to preserve the environment, in particular, through the development of waterborne electric transport.

“Switching to this type of transportation helps clean the air and water from pollutants caused by diesel fuel,” he emphasized.

Ekaterina Manzhula, Director of the Competence Centre for Urban Environment Development and Smart City of the Leningrad Region, shared her experience in implementing landscaping projects. In 2022 alone, the organization developed 198 different beautification projects in the region. You can vote and follow the implementation of the winning projects on вМесте platform.

“An important role of the Centre is to encourage local residents to physically participate in landscaping. Proactive residents can suggest locations and designs for areas where they live. Architects will create a style and propose spatial planning solutions,” said the speaker.

Leading experts, representatives of public movements and environmentalists shared their practices of implementing urban and rural projects and using energy-saving and innovative technologies.

According to the moderators, the resolution with specific proposals based on the results of the round table will be sent to the relevant government authorities. The follow-up of the resolution will be presented next year.

The 32nd International Agro-Industrial Exhibition AGRORUS takes place from August 30 to September 1, 2023, in EXPOFORUM.

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