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The Exhibition “EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH” is officially open

On March 16, the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre hosted the opening ceremony of the Exhibition “EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH. The Day of Advanced Technologies.” It was attended by the Rosgvardiya officers, as well as representatives of the government and business community of Saint Petersburg.

The ceremony began with announcement of the Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard of the Russian Federation Viktor Zolotov’s welcoming speech to the participants of the Exhibition.

“In 2022, the Exhibition “EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH” was held for the first time and received many positive reviews. Today we open the Rosgvardiya exhibition once again, despite attempts at scientific, technical, political and economic isolation of our country. The exhibition is designed to demonstrate results of productive cooperation between consumers and manufacturers of weapons and equipment, based on the combat experience of their own, as well as the increased potential of the Russian military-industrial complex,” Zolotov wrote.

Colonel-General Aleksey Bezzubikov, Deputy Director of the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, called the Exhibition “EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH” a landmark for other similar events.

“The Exhibition is held at a time of sharp aggravation of the geopolitical confrontation, pronounced political, economic and military pressure on our country. For achieving all the goals set by the SVO (Special Military Operation), it is necessary to continue working on improving our troops’ equipment and weapons, increasing the rate of military-technical potential. “EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH” is designed to solve these problems. The Saint Petersburg Exhibition is a landmark for the complex of regional events to be held by Rosgvardiya in all Federal Districts this year and next,” Bezzubikov said.

Kirill Polyakov, Vice-Governor of Saint Petersburg, read the welcoming speech of Aleksandr Beglov, Governor of Saint Petersburg.

The Exhibition “EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH” brings together security experts, government and business representatives.  Saint Petersburg is the largest industrial, innovative, scientific and educational center. The military-industrial complex occupies a leading place in the city’s economy.  We create modern means of communication, telecommunications, models of weapons and equipment that surpass foreign analogues. These developments are successfully used in activities of law enforcement agencies, security organizations, security services, adopted by the Russian Army,” Beglov wrote.

Vladimir Katenev, President of the Saint Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, recalled that “EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH” is aimed not only at achieving the goals of the defense departments, but also at ensuring safety of society and civil infrastructure.

“There are a lot of people in military uniforms in the hall, but the goals of the exhibition are absolutely peaceful. These are protection of citizens, society, and business. The military-industrial complex enterprises face the task of diversifying production, manufacturing the larger range of civilian products and dual-use goods. At the same time, Saint Petersburg enterprises express their great desire to participate in state defense order programs. The “EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH” will play a big role in development of productive cooperation between our enterprises and the armed forces,” Katenev said.

Aleksandr Gorokhov, Deputy CEO for Commerce at the EXPOFORUM International, noted relevance of the “EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH” agenda and expressed confidence that the participants would achieve all their goals. Gorokhov also highlighted the enormous demonstration program and the youth day on March 17, which are designed to provide patriotic education of the younger generation.

Major General Aleksey Vorobyov, the Commander of the North-Western District of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation, shared his expectations from the Exhibition and declared it open.

“Weapons, military vehicles, equipment of our troops, digital solutions, which are presented at the exhibition today, will be used tomorrow, when the armed forces of the Russian Federation perform their combat missions. The large number of enterprises have responded to our needs, and, importantly, 99% of their products are made of completely domestic components,” Vorobyov said.

The Exhibition “EXPOTECHNOSTRAZH. The Day of Advanced Technologies” takes place in the EXPOFORUM on March 15–17. You can follow the news and find out all the details on the official website of the project.

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