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Industry lives – Russia lives!

The team of the Russian Industrialist project presented a new column “Russian Industrialist: Behind the scenes” about key participants of the international forum-exhibition and leaders whose inspiring achievements contribute to innovative progress in our country.

The first guest of the column is Sergey Alexeev, Vice President of ExpoForum International.

“Industry lives – Russia lives! is the main slogan of the Russian Industrialist project, the concept of which is aimed at emphasizing the importance of industry and finding ways for its further development,” said Sergey Alexeev in the interview.

According to him, the goal of the event has remained unchanged for many years: to support and develop the industry, to contribute to the prosperity of Russia, to stand up for technical progress and innovations.

Read more about the role of the congress and exhibition event in the development of industry in the interview on the project website: https://promexpo.expoforum.ru/ru/news/zhivet-promyshlennost-zhivet-rossija/ 

Кадры в судостроительной отрасли обсудят на Морском Конгрессе во Владивостоке
В рамках конгресса, 30 мая, состоится стратегическая сессия «Кадры в судостроении и судоходстве: государственная политика и региональный аспект», модератором которой выступит проректор по дополнительному образованию Дальневосточного федерального университета Михаил Кривопал.
From carriage to rocket!
The 34th «Oldtimer Gallery», Russia’s largest exhibition of vintage cars and antiques, has opened at EXPOFORUM on April 12, Cosmonautics Day, not by chance! The theme of space runs like a red thread through the exposition of the past, filled with hundreds of amazing exhibits.
The spring «Dogs’ City» waits for guests at EXPOFORUM!
More than 400 breeds, including the rarest, 2,000 four-legged pets and megatons of positive emotions: on April 13, the Exhibition «Dogs’ City» opens at EXPOFORUM.

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