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“To be successful, you need to reach for the stars,” Alexey Miller

Gazprom’s Chairman told the students how to become a successful leader and named the greatest values of today’s business.

“Looking Forward: Work in the Energy Industry” – this was the subject of the youth off-tie meeting that has already become traditional and took place on 4 October during the 8th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum. This event, where the students can meet and talk to the business elite of the energy industry, was arranged during the Gas Forum for the 4th time. This year, the leaders of the major international industrial companies didn’t just share their experience with the youth, but also elaborated on some features of doing business in the modern environment. They made some forecasts about perspective development of the industry, too.

“The main thing to do is to set a goal, and this is most challenging. Take your time, think of what you want to attain, think what you are keen on, what your aspirations are. Well posed objective is half the success. Remember, however, that your objectives have to be challenging. Aim high from the very start – to be top in the industry, in knowledge, to have the highest competence. This is the way to succeed,” said Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom’s Management Committee, at the meeting.

Gazprom’s Chairman also added that in the current context it is especially important to sort out the priorities reasonably. Top managers shouldn’t look to being an executive and an initiator at once. To be a good manager you need to manage, to know the ways of your business. And there is one more thing – you should take your work personally.

“You will hardly succeed if you simply do your job. Your work should become your mentality,” added Alexey Miller.

This year, over 100 students from Russia, Germany, Poland, Italy, and China have accredited to take part in the event. Young people discussed the future of the industry with prominent speakers. For instance, the students wondered if they would lose their jobs because of the digital technologies and artificial intelligence.

“Innovation and digital technology transform our world, for sure, but they will be nothing without humans,” said Cederic Cremers, Country Chair Russia at Shell.

Sergey Khomyakov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom’s Management Committee, told the audience about the changes in the energy industry that will go on rather gradually.

“All changes should be well-thought-out and reasonable, they can’t take place only because it is fashionable and trendy at the moment. The tasks and objectives set for the companies keep changing and transforming. And state-of-the-art technologies should help us to succeed,” – Sergey Khomyakov believes.

Keith Martin, Chief Commercial Officer of Uniper, recommended the students to keep studying, learn new things and upgrade their skills, as well as develop their empathy. This is the thing that machines are unlikely to learn, whereas humans will definitely need it, as the future of business is in motley teams, where hierarchy will be of almost no importance.

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