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Results of the Real Estate Fair

October 29, November 12, 13, and 14, 2021, the Real Estate Fair and Exhibition Building a Country House took place in St. Petersburg at ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.

12,653 people visited the Real Estate Fair to find their best apartment, house, or a good investment opportunity. 153 companies presented on the project new buildings and apartments on the secondary market, investment options, real estate abroad, ready-made country houses, and construction technologies. More than 50 seminars were held within the business program for home buyers and industry professionals.

“We held the autumn exhibition in difficult conditions,” said Irina Lyubina, General Director of Real Estate Fair. “This time, in connection with the days off from October 30 to November 7, announced by the President of the Russian Federation, we held the exhibition with a break “for vacation” and decided to add one more day to the project. On the plus side, together with our partners we were able to prepare an interesting two-day program for real estate market professionals,” she added.

Visitors to the exhibition praised the project. They admitted that the Fair had a quality, targeted audience with a high degree of willingness to buy. According to Mavis employees, the apartments with ergonomic and functional layout were in high demand among visitors. Most buyers noted that they were planning to buy in order to improve their living conditions, and as their first own home. Some buyers would like to buy a new apartment as an investment. If we talk about the average check, it is 4.5–5 million rubles, and many people are planning to buy an apartment with a loan.

Among the qualitative characteristics of the object, the main selection criteria are the location of the apartment complex and the area of the apartment. Another important factor to which the Fair visitors paid attention is improvement of the adjacent territory: they are interested in the presence of commercial facilities, playgrounds and sports grounds, landscaping, organization of security in the residential complex. The average planned purchase period is 5–6 months.

At the stand of the real estate agency Apartment Store they confirmed that most buyers rely on mortgages and choose their first apartment at the exhibition. Location and area – these are the main characteristics that visitors of the Fair were guided by. The average check of the planned purchase, according to the company representatives, was from 6 to 7 million rubles.

The fair once again confirmed that according to Russians, the real estate is the best tool for saving and multiplying funds. Last spring almost a third of the visitors defined the purpose of buying an apartment as an investment of available funds. Now that figure has risen to 38%. 21% chose apartments, 17% were willing to invest in commercial real estate.

10% of investors, along with options in St. Petersburg, were interested in apartments and flats in Europe. And although the most popular destination was Turkey, a lot of interest was shown to the representatives of Spain and Finland. “Of course, St. Petersburgers are interested in Finland first and foremost geographically. They see real estate here as an alternative to a country house: for seasonal residence, recreation. What was pleasant to see at this exhibition, many people were willing to pay immediately and in full, and the average check of such buyers amounted to 200 thousand euro,” said employees of the company LKV Marina Nikula.

Another trend demonstrated by the Autumn Fair: St. Petersburgers are increasingly choosing country life as an alternative to the city apartment. Despite the many-fold increase in the cost of building materials, the boom in the suburban market continues.

Seminars of market experts, meetings with popular bloggers, master classes on real estate investments were held in the halls of the business program during all days of the exhibition. Despite the increase in prices, visitors paid a lot of attention to the seminars on new buildings. They were able to explore the issue of choosing a seller, opportunities and programs that will save money when buying a new house, avoiding risks and mistakes when buying an apartment.

Especially popular were the seminars of Marathon on New Buildings, where the best real estate agents discussed the “hottest” offers of apartments on the market in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, honestly told about the “pros and cons”, gave an expert opinion, and provided an overview of prices.

Experts in real estate investments within the framework of thematic seminars shared their recommendations, which will allow to multiply the capital in square meters and not only.

Partners of the exhibition were Advex. Real Estate Group of Companies, Yandex Real Estate, Beaton Group of Companies.

We thank all the participants, visitors, partners, and speakers and look forward to seeing you at the next Real Estate Fair, which will be held in St. Petersburg, at the Convention and Exhibition Centre Expoforum from 18 to 20 March 2022.

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